Compliance tab

Compliance 1

What does the compliance tab do?

The compliance tab is a more recent addition to the boberdoo system and provide everything you need to keep your data secure in one easy to use place. Going through the different subtabs, you have:

Lead Search/Delete

Lead search and delete really does what the title say: it gives you the ability to quickly find leads based off of their email or primary phone. It also gives you the ability to quickly delete all leads that match up with the search filter. 

Compliance 2

Lead Search AWS

Lead Search AWS gives you the ability to search for lead data that is in your Amazon S3 account. This is useful after the lead PII/Sensitive has been cleaned under the data retention rules. You can still search for leads by email and phone in boberdoo after they have been cleaned but the PII is not present.

Compliance 3

Block List

The block list is a new way to prevent certain leads from entering your system.

Compliance 4

Secure Mode Logs

Shows anytime anyone logs into secure mode.

Compliance 5

Additional Security Questions

Login Security (2FA)

To ensure that logins are secure, boberdoo now has Two Factor Authentication (2FA). It is now required that all accounts use 2FA when signing into their leadsystem. 2FA is now widely used as a secure way to log into your account rather than with only a password. You can verify yourself in three different ways. The verification methods are email, SMS messaging or using an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.  Set up your 2FA under Settings tab > 2FA Settings.

API Keys

In the boberdoo system API keys are decoupled from users. This allows APIs to be used for the use case instead of being tied to a user.

Lead Field Security

Different lead fields hold different bits of information, some more sensitive than others. In order to keep lead fields secure, we have a maximum day limit for PII and sensitive fields, see above. Sensitive field encryption is also used to keep sensitive information secure the second they get into a lead system. Secure mode is also used as an extra layer of security to view these sensitive fields. To activate secure mode, click the user drop down on the top right of your lead system, it is there along with settings and themes.