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boberdoo Artificial Intelligence Savings Model

Fixed priced leads are outdated, they belong to the previous decade, the pre-covid times, they’re just so 2020. Period.

Let’s say you poured a glass of water this morning before opening your emails. It might be sitting on your desk still. You might have forgotten about it. No one else wants itit’s yours, no rush. Imagine the value of that water in the desert while being lost. Now, imagine the value of the same glass of water to hundreds of thirsty people who also want it.

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The average day on the lead market is a wild combination of the scenes above. Sometimes agents are forced to increase their bids to levels that will greatly hurt their CPA (cost-per-acquisition) in order to have access to a few more leads. At other times they are overwhelmed with the sudden lead flow due to abundant supply and low competition. The latter is also an undeniable case of overbidding.

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While changing prices multiple times a day might mitigate the issue, if you’re leading an insurance sales operation, it’s certainly not a valid (or smart) option when there are better alternatives. If you are interested in a more intelligent alternative, you can always give us a call at 800-776-5646 to learn more, or submit the form to chat.

While boberdoo does not buy or sell leads, our 20+ years of experience providing software to the lead generation industry have given us unique insights to develop the boberdoo AI Savings Model. This combines our customers’ targeted lead segment data with bidding metrics to train a machine learning model that not only forecasts the competition and expected lead flow from the market but also has an artificial intelligence layer sitting on top that adjusts bids automatically to a lower value as appropriate.While the model thrives in most business environments, it is not for everyone. Here are some pros and cons of utilizing it:


  • Low risk. Since it ONLY adjusts bids downward, it is basically a risk-free option to most lead buying businesses. 
  • Saves time. You and your personnel can focus on the bigger picture while spending less time on administrative, manual adjustments. 
  • Option to reinvest the savings. As a side effect, the model will eventually reveal the premium segments that need a boost to their prices, giving you the option to reinvest the savings made right away.
  • No upfront cost, fair pricing. You provide access to the data, we add the knowledge, we split the savings.
  • Short implementation time. As soon as we receive the green light, implementation takes up to a week, testing included.


  • There are significant resources that go into your account so the model only works with clients spending $30,000 or more per month on third-party leads.
  • You must be willing to communicate your demand.

    In conclusion, having artificial intelligence in your wheelhouse is not only a wise decision, but one that will save you both time and money. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please click the button above to be routed to our contact form, or send an email to sales@boberdoo.com.