The Lead Generation Industry in 2016

In 2015, a lot in the lead generation industry has changed: The rise of mobile lead generation has changed the shape of many businesses, social media has become more important than ever, and everyone has their own thoughts on what a proper sales funnel looks like nowadays. Oh yeah, and we have emojis now. A lot can change in a year, and we think next year is gonna be huge. Here are some trends that will only become more important in 2016:
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Internet of Things

The internet of things is taking over, and it’s only happening at a faster and faster pace. For those unaware (as I was just a couple months ago), the Internet of Things is essentially the rapid expansion of tangible tools that are connected to the internet. I’m talking about stuff like the GE Smart Egg Holder or the Nest Thermostat (which, by the way, both make great gifts). This lets them collect statistics, send information to your phone, and learn your habits to better serve you. As technology like this becomes more prominent, lead generation will be jumping on this. Whether it’s crawling this new network for information or developing their own Things to create and/or expedite leads (like the Amazon Dash), lead generation will gladly take over the Internet of Things.

New Networks

Besides the radical shift of environment the Internet of Things may bring, the old networks are still here to stay. Some of the newer networks, like, Snapchat, are still rapidly expanding. Snapchat has recently introduced micro-transactions and sponsored content, so the floodgates are open and the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re promoting your brand through a corporate Snapchat account or you’re working with Snapchat on sponsored content, it is a wide world of possibility to reach a predominantly younger audience.

Celebrity Endorsements

Though by no means a novel idea, celebrity endorsements are becoming more important than ever before for all kinds of media. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry make large percentages of their revenue off of games, apps, and advertisements, and that’s because their endorsement works. Maybe that’s why Nike spends up to $475 million annually on athletic endorsements. If you think celebrities and lead generation don’t mix, check the television: William Shatner’s Hupey & Abraham commercials still run because they’re effective.

New Ways to Search

While Google is unequivocally the king of search, there’s a new contender: Facebook. Yes, Facebook is testing out their own search engine that is projected to come out sometime in 2016, and it’s already showing up on some Facebook pages. It’s part Google, part Yelp, and since it’s integrated directly into Facebook, it will be readily available to 1.55 billion people. Once Facebook unwraps how to get the most out of this engine, it’s going to be a major B2C and B2B hub.

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