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The Must-Have Lead Generation Tool of 2016

Attention lead generation companies. Are you looking for a new way to monetize your leads and inflate your profits in 2016?

lead generation tool boberdoo.com

Build Automated Campaigns

The best way to take advantage of boberdoo's new lead generation tool is by building completely automated marketing campaigns. The Outbound Marketing Manager comes equipped with dynamic campaign capabilities, meaning that the instant a lead enters your boberdoo system and attempts to match to a buyer, it can be automatically added to a drip campaign based on the information the lead provides. This allows you to set up everything from standard autoresponders to sophisticated cross-offer drip campaigns.

Send Your Way

boberdoo's Outbound Marketing Manager sends emails via multiple 3rd party ESPs. This means that you can send your campaigns through virtually any email sending service and continue sending should one ESP fail to send. Sending via multiple ESPs also allows you to keep an eye on your deliverability rates of each ESP to each email client (gmail, outlook, windows, etc.) and throttle your sending to ensure the best possible deliverability rates for your campaigns.

Remarket With Ease

Our lead generation tool also comes standard with several features that make remarketing to your leads a breeze.

Cross Offer Campaigns: Our email marketing system is perfect for building cross-offer drip campaigns. Let's say you generate leads in both the home improvement as well as the insurance verticals. When a home improvement lead is submitted, you can automatically add it to a home insurance cross-offer campaign and potentially recycle the same lead again as a home insurance lead.

Pixel Tracking: With our system you can generate a unique tracking pixel, place it on a landing page or thank you page, track all conversions and associate a revenue amount. This is perfect for running and tracking affiliate offers.

Automated Reprocess/Reinsert: boberdoo's Outbound Marketing Manager also has feature that will automatically re-insert a lead as a unique lead once the contact takes a specified action in your email campaign. For example, you could run an email campaign 30 days after the lead was submitted asking if their request was met. If not, they can click the email to automatically resubmit their information.

Request A Demo
boberdoo.com is a leading provider of lead distribution software. Our sophisticated system has evolved over the years and now includes a lead generation tool focused on email marketing. If you would like to try the Outbound Marketing Manager, get in touch with us at 800-776-5646.

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