How To Decorate Your Ping Tree

Everyone knows how to decorate a Christmas tree. You prop up the ol’ pine, slap on some lights and ornaments and finish with a star at the top. However, for many lead generation companies, the Ping Tree is actually what puts the presents in the stocking and the ham on the table. That’s why we’ve decided to walk you ping post lead generators through the art of decorating a ping tree.

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Step 1: The Lights

When dolling up a Ping Tree, your first step is to add wholesale buyers. While your wholesale buyers won’t make you the most money per lead, they help you ensure that each lead is sold. When a lead enters your ping tree and no retail buyers show interest in the leads, that lead would go unmatched, unsold and unserviced if not for wholesalers. Like the lights on a Christmas tree, your wholesale buyers will do all the heavy lifting at first, but as you add more retail buyers that pay more per lead, you can wean your lead flow off of your wholesalers.

Step 2: The Ornaments

Once your wholesale buyers are in your ping tree, your next step is to add retail buyers to the equation. As touched on above, retail buyers are generally willing to buy leads at higher prices, but oftentimes have specific lead preferences and buy fewer leads at a time. Because you want to add as many “Good Ornaments” to your ping tree as possible, it is often a year-round job finding new retail buyers.

Step 3: The Star

Once your wholesale and retail buyers are in your ping tree, it’s important to pay attention to the main attraction: the leads. The leads are at the top of your ping tree, trickling down to each of your buyers. While it's easy to get lost in the shuffle of your buyers, it’s important to remember that your leads are always the star of the show. When you make sure your leads are high quality and constantly flowing in, your lights and ornaments are sure to glow in appreciation.

So I’ve taken this too far? Point taken. However, it is important to know that this Christmas Tree analogy actually contains good advice for companies that deal in ping post leads. Whether you’re just starting to use ping post software or are looking to jumpstart your ping tree, the method outlined above is a great way to do it.

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