What You Should Know About Lead Exclusivity

Variety is the spice of life, and, yes, that’s even true for lead distribution software. Having the ability to fully customize your system is hugely important, and having a wide variety of options lets you optimize your lead sales as you see fit. Static or dynamic bidding? Do you want to prioritize certain buyers? Do you like your UI blue or green? Only you can answer these sorts of questions, but one of the more difficult decisions to make is about how exclusive you want your leads to be. Don’t worry - we’ve got our exclusive crash course on how to use exclusivity in your system.

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Lead Exclusivity Types

In general, there are four types of exclusivity: exclusive, semi-exclusive, non-exclusive, and no exclusivity.
Exclusive An exclusive lead is only sent to one lead buyer. These exclusive leads are often set at a higher price and are highly prioritized by buyers. This is to make sure that the buyer alone has access to the lead and knows that they will be the only company responding.

Semi-Exclusive A semi-exclusive lead is only sent to a small number of buyers. While these leads may be worth less than an exclusive lead, the ability to sell them multiple times may still net you more revenue. Semi-exclusive is a good option for when buyers don’t necessarily need exclusive leads, but want to make sure the leads aren’t shared too much. In the boberdoo system, semi-exclusive leads are sold to exactly two buyers.

Non-Exclusive A non-exclusive will only sell if it can go to multiple people. When offering competitive quotes, such as in a home-improvement or mortgage vertical, this exclusivity type will make sure that multiple buyers are found and comparisons can be made.

No exclusivity No exclusivity means that there is no preference to exclusivity, and the lead will sell as many times as possible. This setting can mean that one or one hundred buyers can get their hands on your leads. While you have the ability to sell the same lead many times, it is important to disclose to your buyers how many other buyers may also be receiving the same lead.

Exclusivity is an important factor in any lead distribution system, but it is particularly important when using ping post. This is because a ping post system will be able to sell the same lead to multiple buyers at the same time. In any static pricing system, having an exclusive set of leads would be evenly distributed across multiple buyers in a round-robin system. Ten exclusive leads across five buyers would mean that they each get two leads. However, with a ping post system, this distribution is based on price, ensuring that the winner of each lead is getting you the most possible money per lead.

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If you’re not using a ping post system yet, you’d better get started. Ping post has proven its worth for years, and the number of verticals that use it is only increasing. boberdoo’s ping post technology is the best in the market, processing over seven million leads per day, and we’d be happy to get you all caught up. Check out our Getting Started With Ping Post Whitepaper, and feel free to request a demo.


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