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Lead Exclusivity


One of the best features of the boberdoo lead distribution system is the flexibility you have when routing leads that match to multiple buyers. With boberdoo, the total number of times a single lead can sell is set at the Source (SRC) level. However, you can also set rules on a partner by partner basis that determine whether the buyer is eligible to buy leads that have also been purchased by other buyers or if they can only buy leads exclusively. This even allows you to charge one price for non-exclusive leads and another for exclusive leads.

Lead Exclusivity Within boberdoo

The standard distinction between exclusive and non-exclusive leads is fairly basic, but with the boberdoo lead distribution system, there are options relating to lead exclusivity that allow you to further customize your distribution practices.

Exclusive Leads

Exclusive leads are leads sold one time to a single buyer. You can route leads exclusively in two ways.

Source Side

The first is by setting the Partner Per Lead field to 1 in each of your Source (SRC) settings. Any lead that enters the system via this source will only attempt to sell one time.


partners per lead

Partner Side


The second option is by building filter sets to only accept leads if they are not sold to any additional partners. In your buyer’s filter set, locate the Exclusivity field and select Exclusive. Even if the incoming lead’s source allows it to be sold multiple times, the system will not attempt to match and sell the lead again if it is first sold through an exclusive filter set.

Non-Exclusive Leads

Non-exclusive leads are leads that can be sold more than once. Like exclusive leads, in boberdoo this can be handled in two separate ways.

Source Side

The first is by setting your Partner Per Lead field to two or more for your Source (SRC) setting. In this scenario the incoming lead will attempt to sell to your designated amount of buyers. If you set your Partner Per Lead to five buyers and the incoming lead matches seven filter sets, it will sell five times. However, if your Partner Per Lead is set to five buyers and the lead matches only three filter sets, the lead will sell three times.

Partner Side

The second way to route leads non-exclusively is by building the partner filter sets to buy non-exclusively. However, before a lead is eligible to match to a non-exclusive filter set, the lead’s incoming source must have a Partners Per Lead setting of at least 2 partners. When building a filter set, locate the Exclusivity field and select Non-Exclusive. A lead will only match and sell to this non-exclusive filter set if the lead also sells to at least one other buyer (a minimum of two sells). If there is not another buyer, the lead will not match to this filter set at all.


filter set exclusivity


Semi-Exclusive Leads

The boberdoo system also has a semi-exclusive setting. A semi-exclusive lead can be sold a maximum of two times, but may also sell to just one buyer.

Source Side

Semi-exclusive distribution must be set in the partner filter sets. However, in order for a lead to sell semi-exclusively, its corresponding Source setting must have a Partners Per Lead setting of at least two leads.

Partner Side

To make a filter set match semi-exclusively, locate the Exclusivity field in your filter set and select Semi-exclusive. When a lead enters the system and matches to this filter set, it will only be eligible to sell one additional time, even if the source setting of the lead allows the lead to be sold more than twice.

Exclusivity Based on Best Price

Finally, the boberdoo lead distribution system has another exclusivity option that checks whether the lead will sell for more if sold exclusively vs. if sold non-exclusively, which ensures maximum revenue for every lead you sell. This feature is known as Ping Post with Scenarios and can only be utilized within a lead type that is distrubuting leads via ping post.

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