Selling Call Center Leads

While the lead generation industry continues to favor leads generated in real-time, call center leads are still common and remain a focal point for many lead businesses. If you’re selling call center leads, your lead distribution software plays a large role in determining exactly how you can sell your leads.

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Voice To Data Leads

If you’re selling call center leads, voice to data is generally the easiest method. Your call center rep makes an outbound call to the lead, verifies the lead details and enters them into a form. That data lead is then routed in real-time to your buyers as if it was filled out by the lead itself. While this method is very straightforward, voice to data leads are typically lower quality and less coveted by buyers.

Live Transfers

If you’re selling call center leads, live transfers are likely your most profitable option. Live transfers work the same way as voice to data leads, however instead of routing only the data lead to the buyer, your lead distribution system also routes the live call to the buyer. The rep then makes an introduction and then drops off the line. While live transfers are worth much more than voice to data leads, you must ensure that you have a sophisticated lead distribution system built to transfer and sell each live call to the correct buyer at the correct price.

No matter which method you are using, selling call center leads requires a lead distribution system with specific capabilities. boberdoo’s lead distribution software comes standard with all the tools and features necessary for selling call center leads. For example, our form builder allows you to quickly and easily build a form for your call center reps to enter the lead data. The leads will then automatically enter the system, route and sell to the correct buyer at the correct price based on the information entered. Live transfers are also a specialty in the boberdoo system. After your rep enters the lead data, he/she makes an outbound call to your boberdoo number, which will then route the calls to the appropriate buyer and merge the two calls. If you’re interested in using to distribute your call center leads, feel free to call 800-776-5464.

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boberdoo has been building lead distribution systems since 2001. Our team has seen just about everything when it comes to call center leads and the lead industry in general. We continue to build solutions to lead companies’ problems into the standard boberdoo system. Take advantage of 14 years of lead generation experience. Choose boberdoo today!

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