Why Checking Lead Quality Is Important For Any Business

Lead Quality vs. Quantity, the Age Old Battle Continues

Quality vs. quantity has been an age old argument that relies on what is being collected. When it comes to most things in life, quality rules out, and leads are no different. Although it is not inherently bad to be generating a great deal of leads, it is good practice to check the quality of leads and maybe take a second look at how and where you are generating/buying them from. Quality is important because securing a lead is the main goal. Time management is another reason why quality checks are important, do not let your sales team waste time calling or nurturing bad leads.


What Are Lead Quality Checks?

How lead qualifying works can differ by your method or the software that qualifies them. At its core, lead scoring is how qualification works. For each field that a lead submits, points are given. At the end, all the points are added up to produce the lead's score. From there, the lead's score goes against the qualifying benchmark to see if the lead is qualified or not. Watch your ROI when you start to use lead quality checks; focusing your efforts on the most qualified leads will pay off.

When Should Use Lead Quality Checks?

Depending on what use case you have, different standards of lead checks should be used. Different fields should hold more weight than others, for example, age would be more important when it comes to insurance leads than it would for home improvement. Make sure what you use to check your lead quality syncs up with your use case, so that the final scores can be the most accurate for each lead. 

Even though quality checks are great to have, there are times when they should not be used. For example, when using paid search from Google, Bing, Facebook, etc., it is better to not run a quality check since you are already paying for that lead to get to your form. Even if the lead is bad, you still paid for it, so you might as well try and get your money's worth, or put all of the leads that came from a paid source into a specific bucket for your sales team to take care of separately. On the other hand, using affiliates is a good reason to have quality checks because it is better to reject a bad lead right out of the gate than it is to try and request a refund later. Let one of their other buyers deal with bad leads instead.


leadQC is boberdoo's proprietary lead verification system (which is a fancy way to say quality check) and is already built into each leadsystem. There are multiple reasons why leadQC stands out from other quality checks. There are over 30 different verification checks that it runs and compares the data against 5 different sources and each lead is scored from 0-100 and shows you all the results for why the lead received the score it was given. The client then determines what a pass or a fail is so that leadQCs filters work with their specific use case.

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For boberdoo clients specifically, did you know that you can adjust the bar using leadQC? This is generally good when dealing with leads that travel frequently, since zip code could be a factor for disqualification. Consider what may disqualify a bad lead normally, but would also disqualify a good lead, just in a different situation. Turning leadQC on and off by source allows for more flexibility as well, and it would help with differentiating which leads are from paid sources, affiliates, organic search, etc. If you would like to check out leadQC or the boberdoo system as a whole, please feel free to schedule a demo with us to see all of this in action!


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