Turning Traffic Into A Sales Lead | The Art Of The Conversion

Turning a website visitor into a sales lead is not always a clear-cut process. A person that accesses your website is not always a qualified sales lead, nor is a qualified sales lead always willing to fill out your form and submit their information. Regardless, getting your website traffic to convert requires you to cut through the clutter and create content and conversion options that are attractive to your target demographic. Here's how its done.

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Define Your Ideal Sales Lead

The first step to converting your web traffic to sales leads is identifying what you consider to be an ideal sales lead. Are you looking for new homeowners or students seeking loan consolidation? Are there certain qualifications that you require such as mortgage amount or student loan totals? Before preparing for your conversion, you need to define exactly what you're looking for.

Produce Your Offering

Once you’ve identified your target, consider what type of information your target audience is looking for. Common types of content that can help gather leads are webinars, whitepapers, consultations, quotes, ebooks and more. Find out exactly what your website visitors want and provide them with exactly that.

Build Your Conversion Mechanism

One of the most common ways to encourage a conversion is to gate your valuable content. When a visitor wishes to request a quote or download a whitepaper, you can prompt them to provide their information first. When using web forms, be sure to convey a concise message as to why they should enter their information. For example, if you were looking to gather mortgage sales leads, an explicit CTA for a form could be “Click here to chat with a mortgage expert today”.

In lead generation, web forms are extremely common, but don't forget about phone calls! By simply providing a phone number on your landing page, you can give your website visitors an additional option and the ability to dictate exactly what information they want to provide and to whom.

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Sales Lead Nurturing

Remember, just because a lead has submitted their information for one offer, doesn’t mean that they are already a qualified sales lead. If your content has the potential to appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals, you may need to employ other marketing methods to weed out those who are actually interested in your final product or service. One such method would be to enter them into an email marketing campaign that could be relevant to them based on their original form submission. Remember that compliance is key to maintaining a healthy lead generation business.

The boberdoo Solution

boberdoo.com has been innovating and improving the lead generation industry since 2001. Our software continues to help hundreds of lead generation companies, advanced affiliates, media buyers and more automate and optimize their lead selling process. If you operate a lead business and are interested in learning how we can help, give us a call at 800-776-5646 or fill out the form below.

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