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Easier Automated Lead Distribution With The boberdoo System is an automated lead distribution system service provider for the lead generation industry. Whether you are looking for automated lead distribution for internet leads, inbound phone calls, or both, our back office system is the perfect solution for any company looking to better manage its lead flow.

Save Countless Hours And Headaches

With’s back office systems, you can automate processes such as invoicing, accounts payable and lead distribution to clients leaving more time and energy for you to focus on getting more leads and more clients. Read more about our features here: automated lead distribution system


Optimize Your Lead Flow offers superior lead tracking and custom reporting options so you always know what is making you money, and what is not.  Segment and track your incoming leads and calls from internal marketing, affiliate offers and other 3rd party traffic based on the results of your automated lead distribution rules.  From simple HTTP POST to complex ping post options, the system allows you to take advantage of any lead generation opportunity you may identify.

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Over 12 Years Of Lead Generation Expertise

As a true industry expert, works with you to make sure you thoroughly understand your business, serve your clients better and increase the image of your lead company. If this interests you, give us a call today at 800-776-5646, or click below to request a demo. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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