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CRM Integration Options


CRM integration with custom deliveries

If you’re asking yourself, “What CRM integration options are available to me with a boberdoo.com lead distribution system?” you’ve come to the right place. To give the short answer, virtually any CRM can be integrated with the boberdoo lead distribution software. At boberdoo.com, we enable CRM integration with the use of what we call custom deliveries (also referred to as client postings or setup). This means that we map the fields of your specific lead type to the requirements of your client’s CRM or lead management system, allowing for seamless delivery of your leads to the client.

Luckily for our clients, we can create custom deliveries that allow them to deliver leads to their lead buyer in whichever method best suits the buyer. Below is a list of our custom delivery methods that can be used to post the lead into a buyer’s CRM or lead management system.

  • Get/Post – either HTTP Get or HTTP Post, which is the most common form of data transmission. You will be able to choose if it is a “Post” or “Get”.
  • Xml – You will need to copy and paste the XML definition on this page and make sure there are no values in the nodes that you want to map. This is also the Method you would select if the delivery type is SOAP.
  • Text/HTML – This is used for creating a custom Plain Text or custom HTML email.
  • CSV Email/CSV FTP – This is used for creating a custom CSV/Excel file to either be emailed to the buyer, or FTP’d to their server.
  • PDF Email/PDF FTP – This is the same as above, only the format is a PDF file instead of a CSV.
  • Custom Attachment Email/Custom Attachment PDF – Same as the above, only you can make the attachment any form you would like (for example, a .txt attachment).
  • SMS


While HTML, Excel, PDF, Plain Text, and Short Text Email are standard, out-of-the-box delivery options, they can also be customized for you and your buyers’ specific needs. Listed below are a few of our most commonly integrated CRMs.

The benefits of CRM integration

CRM integration and custom deliveries allow for maximum flexibility when routing your leads to your clients. They allow you to deliver leads to your clients in the exact method they prefer and seamlessly post the leads directly into their CRMs, getting the leads into the hands of those working them as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The ability to integrate any buyer’s delivery requirements opens up your target market to any company in your industry and means you never have to turn down a sale.

How to set up your custom deliveries

boberdoo.com clients have two options when setting up deliveries and integrating with CRMs: The first is boberdoo custom work. We can build specific delivery options to directly address the needs of each of your buyers. The second option is our custom delivery wizard, if you have the technical ability and resources. This wizard helps walk you through the step by step process of getting the CRM integration set up, tested, and running. However, there are some deliveries that require special coding and can only be done by boberdoo.com. These include SMS text message delivery and some php.  While some clients utilize the delivery wizard, the vast majority submit custom deliveries to boberdoo.com because requirements differ greatly from client-to-client and we have over 14 years of building these deliveries for lead generation companies.

Rather than spend countless hours doing it themselves, boberdoo clients use our expertise to create and test CRM integrations efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. If you would like boberdoo to build you a custom delivery, click on tickets within the settings tab in your boberdoo.com system and submit a support ticket with the appropriate posting requirements.

The benefits of CRM integration and custom deliveries are clear and the integration process is as easy as ever. In over 18 years in the lead industry, boberdoo.com has seen virtually every CRM integration under the sun. We have the knowledge to address the specifications that your buyers may have and the skill to build your custom delivery CRM integrations quickly and effectively. For more information on CRM integrations or custom deliveries, feel free to contact us. 

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