If you have not already set up your SendGrid with boberdoo, here is our How To Guide. Otherwise, here is a step-by-step about how to change your SendGrid API Key.

Step 1: Login to your SendGrid account and go down to the Settings tab > API Keys.


Step 2: From here, click the "Create API Key" button, and give it a name with Full Access selected.

Step 3: Copy the API Key to plug into your boberdoo system. (Make sure you have it copied somewhere safe, it will not be shown again!)


Step 4: Login to your boberdoo system and go to the Settings tab > Email Settings.   In the field "SendGrid WebAPI - API Key", you will replace the current value with new value created in Step 3.


Step 5: Test to see if it works! This can be easily done by entering your email you want to send a test to at the top of this page in your boberdoo system.


Step 6: You can now delete the old boberdoo API key, as the new one is now being used.


Step 7: Confirm that you want the API Key deleted.