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Are you someone that is interested in real machine learning and working with millions of data points?

Are you looking to go beyond excel and reporting?

Are you looking to be a real data scientist?

This IS the job for you!

Data Science Developer Position

We are currently seeking a developer to work from our office in Madison, WI. This position will work on various business intelligence and data science projects by analyzing customer data and building machine learning applications for lead generation and lead buying companies.

Our ideal candidate is passionate about investigating, getting his/her hands dirty with data to find hidden patterns. Today, any field related to data is rapidly growing, hence candidates with less experience but strong drive to learn new tools and techniques are encouraged to apply.

We provide a dynamic workplace atmosphere, competitive compensation and flexible scheduling.

Required Technical Skills

  • Python for data science
  • experience with NumPy, Scikit Learn, Pandas or Matplotlib
  • dealing with structured and unstructured data
  • dealing with large data sets
  • data manipulation skills
  • data exploration techniques
  • understanding basic statistical concepts
  • basic knowledge on various statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques

Required Non-technical Skills

  • general love and curiosity for playing with data
  • passion for investigating and finding answers in data
  • enthusiasm for constant learning
  • able to communicate findings

Not Required, But Great To Have

  • AWS Sagemaker, AWS QuickSight, AWS S3 and other AWS tools
  • prior experience in ETL
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering/Data Science/Computer Science


  • you will be closely working with and reporting to our senior data scientist
  • you will help her on various R&D projects for our clients: predictive analysis, customer analysis and segmentation, regression, clustering, business intelligence (KPIs and reporting), graph analysis, text mining, etc.
  • your main responsibilities will be to examine the input data sets and perform the required steps of data transformation prior to modeling. This includes cleaning the data, dealing with missing data, extract new information, transform variables and create new ones, etc. For this you will also need to prepare basic exploratory data analysis, calculate basic statistical indicators and create visualizations.
  • the field of data science is rapidly growing and developing. You will be required to keep up with the innovations and learn new techniques on a regular basis.


  • competitive salary based on experience. 
  • yearly salary increase and bonus based on improvement.
  • friendly and professional work environment.
  • Friday team lunch

Company Overview

boberdoo.com is an application service provider for companies that sell sales leads to brokers, agents and contractors in virtually every industry. Our software manages the entire back office operations for any lead company including everything from advanced lead and call routing capabilities to billing and reporting. Our clients use our software to process over $12 million worth of sales leads each and every day. As an industry leader, we are excited for the growth opportunities that lay ahead and would love for you to join our expanding team.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to jobs@boberdoo.com and take the first step in a new career!

We look forward to hearing from you.