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Form Builder Videos


Check out the form builder videos below to learn how you can build, test and manage multiple forms and layouts from your boberdoo.com lead distribution system. For more info, check out our Expert's Guide to the Form Builder/Manager!

Form Builder Video – Overview

This section talks about adding new forms, manual entry leads (great for submitting test leads and learning more about the distribution capabilities of your system), defaults for your field configuration and form layout and your form statistics.

Form Builder Video – Form Information

This section of the form builder discusses the actions to be taken around a lead from a particular form.  Determine the landing page URL, sources & tracking fields, CSS styles and leadQC options for your form.  Additionally, there are switches for mobile optimization, thank you page actions and “agree to terms” checkboxes to further customize the form.

Form Builder Video – Form Field Configuration

The field configuration finally gives you the ability to make changes to field names, layouts and show/hide options yourselves without the risk of breaking all of your other integrations.

Form Builder Video – Form Builder and Conclusion

Now comes the fun part. With all of the settings done, you can now play with form layouts until your heart is content.  The form builder allows you to create new sections, going horizontally, add page splits, change field order, toggle align options and split fields so you have the maximum flexibility in testing what form layout works best for your lead company.

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