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Form-Builder Webinar


Although they can sometimes be overlooked, forms are a huge part of the lead generation industry. Luckily for our clients, each boberdoo.com lead distribution system comes equipped with a Forms Manager, which includes not only a form builder, but also a CSS editor. However, not all of our clients truly know all of the features and capabilities of our form builder and how it relates to their current landing pages. Because of this, we decided that a Form Builder Webinar was in order. Our Form Builder Webinar covered the functionality and navigation of our Forms Manager and all of its features and we also fielded questions from the attendees.

Listed below is the agenda of our webinar.

  • How to build CSS templates
  • Exploring back-end form options
  • Using form field configuration
  • Customizing form layouts

Form Builder Webinar

It is important to know that all form builders are not created equal. boberdoo’s form builder is stocked with not only the functionality that you need, but also the format, layout, and styling options that you want. Not only that, but with our form builder you can easily perform A/B tests by simply changing the form from the back-end. For more information on our form builder, check out our Form Builder Page, or our Expert's Guide to the Form Builder/Manager. Also be sure to read our 5 Tips About Form Builders You Wish You Knew A Year Ago and our Benefits of Using an Online Form Builder.  

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