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Invoicing And Invoice Manager


boberdoo Invoicing

One of the most valuable aspects of the boberdoo system is the ability to track, organize and calculate every billing transaction for each of your lead buyers. The boberdoo system negates the need to manually run one-off reports for each of your partners (buyers) and even allows you to automatically generate and send weekly or monthly invoices to each partner. This can easily be set up in each of your partners’ accounts or as a default setting for all of your partners. To access the Invoice Manager, go to your Partners (Buyers) tab and select Edit Partner Account. Then select the subtab labeled Invoice Manager. For a walkthrough of the invoice manager, watch the video below.

Create Invoice Data

Once you have accessed your partner’s invoice manager, you have the option of manually generating an invoice for this partner. If you would like to do this, select your date range of choice and whether you want to manually generate a monthly invoice. Then select whether to include credits/payments and/or refunds. Finally, click the ‘Create Invoice Data’ button to generate the invoice. The invoice will appear below the Invoice Settings. You can click on the invoice number to view the pdf of the invoice itself. This feature is used if you want to manually generate invoices on a one-off basis. For automated invoicing and delivery, see invoice settings below.

Invoice Settings

Invoice Emails – Enter the email addresses of your choosing. This line will be automatically populated with the email you entered for the Partner account. To add additional emails, separate by comma.

Email Subject/Body – Enter the email subject and body. The body text itself will not contain the invoice. This simply allows you to add any additional text you would like.

Discount – This gives you the option of adding a discount percentage for invoices being sent to this partner.

Automated Invoicing – Enable this setting if you would like the invoices to this partner to be sent automatically on an interval of your choosing.

Include Credits/Payments and Refunds – Select whether you want to include credits/payments and/or refunds on the invoice.

Invoicing Period – Select whether your invoicing period is weekly or monthly. If weekly, specify the billing and invoice generation time below. If monthly, invoices will be generated on the first of the month in the morning.

Weekly Billing Time – This denotes the day and time at which leads get included into the invoice. If you set your weekly billing time to Saturday at 11:59 pm, all leads from Sunday 12:00 am to the following Saturday 11:59 pm will be invoiced.

Weekly Generation Time – This is the day and time when the invoice gets generated and then shortly after, automatically emailed out.

Additional Text – Any text here will be attached to the end of every invoice. 


Invoice Tools

Once you have generated at least one invoice, you will see a log of all invoice activity for your partner below the Invoice Settings section. Each invoice has its own number. Click this number to download and view the invoice pdf. From this section, you also have the option of deleting the invoice, sending the invoice and making the payment. The delete button will simply remove the invoice from the list. Use the Send Invoice button to send the invoice to the email(s) listed above on the Invoice Emails line. Finally, clicking Make Payment tells the system that the partner paid the invoice total in full. The system will then update the partner’s funds and record the payment transaction.

Default Invoice Settings

If you want to create a standard invoicing structure for all of your partners, you can set the default invoice settings from within your boberdoo system. Go to Settings>System Values>Invoice Manager. From here you can select your default settings. This page also gives you the option of updating all existing Partners’ invoice settings with your default settings. 


boberdoo’s invoicing features allow our clients to automatically generate and send weekly or monthly invoices to their partners of choice. However, some of our clients also express additional invoicing needs that are not covered by the standard buildout. We would be happy to accomodate any additional invoicing needs that you may have. Simply open a ticket and we can get you a timequote for the custom job. If you have any additional questions about the boberdoo invoicing feature, feel free to open a live chat or call us at 800-776-5646. 

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