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Lead Distribution


Lead distribution can come in different formats varying from one business to another. At one time, transferring a phone call, faxing a note, sending an email, and yelling across the hall were all common methods of handling lead distribution. Lead distribution has come a long way in the past 20 years, and the lead distribution portion of the boberdoo.com system is highly advanced and can offer you countless ways to distribution leads to your buyers in an efficient manner, while maximizing the revenue you earn on each lead. One of the main determining factors for lead distribution is the lead vertical (also called lead type).  A typical payday lead distribution will vary greatly from the lead distribution of a semi-exclusive mortgage lead.

Lead Distribution Factors

As mentioned above, the first main factor in determining lead distribution is the lead vertical.  In many verticals, like debt settlement, the lead generation company sends the lead’s information to the buyer as long as it meets the predetermined qualifications.  The lead distribution method may be email, text or a post to the buyer’s client relationship management (CRM) software.


lead distribution - boberdoo.com

In other verticals however, like home improvement, ping post is a common lead distribution method. The lead generation company will initially send only part of the lead information (zip code and project type for the home improvement lead type example) to the buyer.  The buyer’s system can then reply with a “yes, with price” or “no” to the lead generation company, who can then send the full lead information to the buyer.   The boberdoo.com system allows you to “ping” all of your buyers, gather the responses and then distribution the lead to the buyer that will maximize your revenue.

Still other verticals require very specialized distribution options.  Payday, for example, utilizes a “waterfall” delivery.  In this lead distribution method, lead generation companies deliver all of the lead’s information to the potential buyer with the highest priority whose system then responds back.  If the response is a negative, the boberdoo.com system will automatically attempt the deliver to the next highest priority client and continue on down the “waterfall” until all potential buyers have responded. The boberdoo.com system is capable of reliably handling all of these lead distribution methods.

Of course, not all lead distribution just involves sending lead information from one system to another.  It can be calls too.  With the boberdoo.com system, a lead generation company can market 800 numbers and then route the incoming calls to intake centers, internal qualifiers or directly to the buyer’s sales representative.

The next question about lead distribution is the exclusivity of the lead.  Basically, how many times is the lead generation company going to sell the lead.  Will the lead be sold to one buyer only?  Then it is an exclusive lead.  But many lead companies decide to sell leads non-exclusively or semi-exclusively instead, hoping to maximize the revenue earned on each lead.  Non-exclusive leads are sold to buyers only when more than one buyer match with the lead while semi-exclusive leads may be sold to one or more buyers, depending on the qualification and data submitted on a lead.  As with all things in the lead industry, this decision is often vertical-specific.  The good news is that, with a boberdoo.com system, a lead company can create custom business rules to distribute its leads in any manner it wants.

And finally, there is the issue of the delivery method.  Our lead distribution system allows the end user to select the exact type of lead format that they would like to receive. As we all know, salespeople are a breed of their own and often quite set in their ways. One person may require an html file, others may want a fax, a .csv attachment and some may want a .pdf. The boberdoo.com lead system allows the end user to select their own type of lead distribution and the format can be changed at any point. Once a lead enters the system, the buyer will receive the lead from the boberdoo.com system in a matter of seconds. If a buyer can communicate with a potential customer when they are most interested in the product/service, it will greatly increase the chances of closing a deal. The boberdoo.com lead distribution system ensures just that. To learn more about lead distribution, please call 800-776-5646. 

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