LeadQC Certificates


The lead generation industry is facing more regulations than ever before. Between your day-to-day responsibilities and the shifting legal restrictions in the industry, it can be extremely difficult to ensure that you are remaining fully, legally compliant from the time you first come in contact with the lead through the lead sale and distribution process. Furthermore, even if you believe your practices are compliant, what proof do you have to confirm that? This is one of the biggest dilemmas facing lead generators. Oftentimes, any alleged infraction puts your word against that of the lead, putting you at the risk of sometimes devastating financial repercussions. At boberdoo, we fully recognize this risk and have developed a solution to help manage the problem. Enter LeadQC Certificates.

How Do LeadQC Certificates Work?

boberdoo’s LeadQC Certificates shed light on the blind spot that occurs when a lead fills out the form. In the past, while it was indisputable that you received a lead’s contact information, it was not necessarily clear exactly how you generated it, what fields they filled out or even any terms they consented to. Now, with LeadQC Certificates, you can capture a screenshot of the page and form that the lead filled out as the lead hits the page. Not only will you receive the captured image, but also the date and time of visit, page URL and referrer URL. The Certificates also record the user’s IP address, constructs a geolocation and notes the web browser that the lead used.


LeadQC certificates


Using LeadQC Certificates With boberdoo Forms

LeadQC Certificates are an option built into all boberdoo systems with a LeadQC account via boberdoo forms . When building or editing an existing form from the Forms Manager, the Basic Form Details section gives you the option to enable LeadQC Certificates. Once enabled, you’ll notice the website code in the upper right hand corner of the system changes, adding a new script to the end of your existing form code. To use LeadQC Certificates, you must copy this form code and place it on your webpage. If you do notsee the “Enable LeadQC Certificates” setting in the Forms Manager, please contact support to create a LeadQC account.


LeadQC Certificates

Once enabled and the correct code is placed on your webpage, a Certificate will be generated each time the form is submitted. To view the certificate go to your Leads page and click the Lead ID to open the lead info. In the LeadQC Cert URL row you will see a link that will open the LeadQC Certificate for the corresponding lead.


Using LeadQC Certificates With External Forms

LeadQC Certificates can also be enabled for any external form you are using to post leads into your boberdoo system. If you’re interested in this option, please open a support ticket and we will get you the exact code required to place on your landing page.


LeadQC Certificates are priced at a per-usage basis costing $.02 per query. Because LeadQC Certificates are set at the form level, you can enable and use them at your discretion and effectively turn them on and off whenever you’d like by adjusting the code on your pages.

If you’d like more information on LeadQC Certificates or would like to get them set up in your system, please open a support ticket or give us a call at 800-776-5646.


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