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boberdoo QuickStart Guides

Below we have 5 quick start guides to help you set up just the basics with the boberdoo system. Each video has their own instructions and different things that will be shown how to set up. QUICKSTART GUIDES ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTION FOR ACTUAL ONBOARDING! There are many things when it comes to setting up the boberdoo system, and just the QuickStart Guides will not be start using the system. 

  • Type: Web leads 
  • Distribution Logic: Best revenue scenario
  • Incoming Leads: Direct post
  • Billing Method: Invoice
  • Partner Delivery Method: Email delivery


  • Post Leads In
    • API Key: User Settings
    • Source (SRC): Settings>Source/Vendor Settings
    • API Specs: pingPostLead
    • Mode=full


  • Set Up a Test Partner
    • Add Test Partner
    • Apply Credit Limit
    • Create Filter Set: State=AK


  • Submit Test Lead
    • From Your Web Form/Landing Page
    • Forms Manager>Manual Entry Form
    • Lead Submission Matches Partner
      Filter Set (State=AK)


  • Next Steps:
    • Set Up Live Partner
    • Submit Test Leads
    • View Reports 
    • Set Up Webhooks
    • Spend Time In The Lead System!