Secure Export & Reprocess – AWS Configuration


In order to utilize boberdoo’s secure export and S3 lead reprocess features, you need to configure your Amazon Web Services account. In order to build this AWS configuration, we created a CloudFormation stack template that automatically builds and configures the required elements into your AWS account.

If you do not have an AWS account, sign up for an account here before proceeding to step 1.

Step 1: Add A New Stack

Log into your AWS account and select CloudFormation from the Services dropdown. You can find CloudFormation in the Management Tools section. Next, click the Create Stack button.


Step 2: Download The Stack Template

Before choosing a stack template, you must first download the boberdoo_stack_template.

Next, extract the downloaded zip file to access the boberdoo_cleaned_lead_reprocess_template.yml file. You will need this YML file (not the zip folder) for the next step.

Step 3: Upload The Stack Template

Next, return to the Select Template step of the Create Stack setup in your AWS account. Under the Choose a template option, select Upload a template to Amazon S3. Click the Choose File button and select the boberdoo_cleaned_lead_reprocess_template.yml file from step 2 above. Click Next.


Step 4: Specify Stack Details

In the Specify Details and Parameters fields, input the following values:

Stack name: boberdooExportReprocess

ApiGateway: https://{}/new_api/api.php

Replace {} with your leadsystem URL. Example:

ApiKey: Your API Key is retrieved from your boberdoo lead system. From your boberdoo system, go to Settings>User Settings. Click Show/Hide Api Key and copy this value into the ApiKey field.

reprocess cleaned leads - aws setup 3

CompanyName: Insert your company name in all lower case letters with no spaces. If you add a space, capital letter or symbol, your stack creation will fail.

Step 5: Skip Stack Options

No additional configuration is required in the Options step. Click Next.

Step 6: Review & Create Stack

The Review step lists the details of your stack. Locate the Options section and check “I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names. Finally, click Create.

reprocess cleaned leads - aws setup 4

Step 7: Track Stack Status

Next, your stack will go into a CREATE_IN_PROGRESS status as it is built.


This process will take a few minutes. Once your stack is successfully created, the Status will change to CREATE_COMPLETE.

If your stack creation Status changes to ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS or ROLLBACK_COMPLETE instead of CREATE_COMPLETE, please contact boberdoo supportbefore moving on to the final steps.

Step 8: Retrieve Credentials

After your stack Status changes to CREATE_COMPLETE, select the Outputs tab.


Next, copy each of the outputs provided and open a support ticket titled “AWS Secure Export”. Within this ticket, please paste each of the credentials. Once complete, our team will finish the connection and your integration will be complete.


Frequently Asked Questions

QWhere can I access my leads once they are exported to AWS?
A: Log into your AWS account and access the S3 service. Within S3, you can see the bucket that stores all leads that are exported from boberdoo.

QHow are exported leads organized in my S3 bucket?
A: The S3 bucket organization for exported leads is as follows: boberdooexport-{YourCompanyName} > Lead Type ID > Year > Month > Day