Sold Leads Payout

The boberdoo web campaigns feature was designed to help you manage every aspect of your web campaigns. Our platform allows you to track and manage all affiliate activity and billing transactions all-the-while utilizing boberdoo’s advanced lead distribution capabilities to deliver leads to your buyers in real-time. With traditional affiliate networks, you are forced to fire pixels and pay out to your affiliates/publishers every time a lead hits your confirmation page. However, this constrains you to a very rigid pricing structure that likely does not align with the way a lead generation company sells leads. We have developed four unique campaign and payout options that allow you to price and market your offers in the method of your choosing. With boberdoo, you can run your web campaigns your way.

This page details one of our four payout methods: Per-Lead (Sold Leads). With the Sold Leads payout type, your boberdoo system will only include a pixel in the response when the submitted lead enters the boberdoo system and matches (sells) to a buyer. Any leads that go unmatched (unsold) will not include the pixel in the response and not show up in the vendor admin section.


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Why would I use this web campaign type?

Let’s assume you’re running an offer on student debt consolidation leads. Your buyers inform you that they can only make money on (and thus will only buy) leads that have student loan debt of at least $10,000. Because of this, you adjust the settings so that leads submitted into your boberdoo system that report a debt amount of $10,000 or more are eligible to be purchased by your buyers with these specifications while all leads reporting a debt of amount of $9,999 or less cannot be sold to these same buyers. When a lead with $20,000 of student debt enters the system, it will match (sell) to one or more of your buyers and a pixel will be included in the response and trigger your specified payout for the appropriate affiliate. However when a lead reporting $8,000 of student debt enters the system, it will go unmatched (unsold) and will not trigger a pixel or payout.

This logic applies to any field you wish to filter on. So for another example, let’s say your buyers do not accept student debt consolidation leads from California. All leads from California will go unmatched (unsold) and no pixels or transactions will be triggered. These web campaigns are typically used when there are disqualifying options on the lead form.

The Per Lead (Sold Leads) campaign type is just one of the four campaign types in the boberdoo web campaigns feature. To learn more about the other campaign types, follow the links below.

Alternative Campaign Type