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The Home Improvement Industry

*Disclaimer: we do not buy or sell leads. This page is an overview of the home improvement lead generation industry.

Home improvement is a massive and prosperous industry. With a wide range of niche services umbrellaed under the home improvement industry and even more (such as solar) picking up steam as their own vertical, the home improvement landscape offers a wide range of opportunities. One of the biggest trends in the home improvement industry is that contractors working for both large and small operations are starting to take advantage of new technologies and services that can help grow their business. Enter lead generation.

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Home Improvement Lead Generation

Contractors are finally adopting a new way to spend more time out on a job site rather than worrying about marketing efforts or where the next job will come from. All over the country, contractors are turning to lead generation companies to provide high quality, localized home improvement leads. While this has stimulated the opportunity for lead generation companies to expand to the home improvement vertical, the sophistication of the home improvement vertical also benefits lead generators. Home improvement is a ping post vertical, which allows lead generation companies to take the home improvement leads that would have otherwise gone unsold and sell them wholesale to buyers with more developed networks of contractors.


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How To Do It

Generating home improvement leads works the same as in any other vertical, however, with the right lead distribution software you can take advantage of several additional opportunities. Call routing is a great addition to any home improvement vertical. While it naturally increases conversion rate, it also gives you the opportunity to open a home improvement emergency service. Another great way to capitalize on home improvement leads is through your lead deliveries. Because contractors spend a large amount of their time at job sites, your lead delivery method is extremely important. Instead of delivering all of your leads via email and requiring your buyers to repeatedly check their inbox, you can deliver their leads via SMS message. Your contractors will know the second they receive the lead allowing them to contact the lead almost immediately. The boberdoo lead distribution system even has an iPhone app that your buyers can utilize to receive push notifications of any new leads.



How boberdoo Can Help

The boberdoo system and it’s ping post technologies are the standard in the industry. With the most advanced ping post options, custom deliveries to any CRM or LMS and a plethora of billing options, boberdoo provides a complete back end system for running not only your home improvement lead vertical, but your entire lead business. If you are looking to upgrade your lead generation business or break into the home improvement vertical, you can do no better than boberdoo.com. If you would like to discuss home improvement leads, ping post, lead deliveries or the boberdoo lead distribution system, please give us a call at 800-776-5646

Our company builds lead distribution software for lead generation companies. We also have a few other services such as leadQC, Ping Post and Premium Dashboards. We DO NOT SELL home improvement leads. If you are looking to purchase leads, please submit an inquiry and tell us who your current suppliers are and we can make introductions to boberdoo clients in that vertical. 

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