Generating and delivering accurate invoices in a timely fashion is vital for the day-to-day management of your business. Receiving organized invoices is also an important benefit to your clients. In this page, we dig into the Invoice Manager, the tool used to generate and deliver weekly or monthly invoices to your partners, and also the Invoice Report feature, which is an excellent tool to provide your lead buyers detailed information on their bill.

Invoice Manager

The invoice manager allows you to create invoices either manually or automatically to send to clients. These invoices can either be used as a receipt for your clients that prepay for leads or to provide a bill for the clients that buy on credit and pay at the end of a weekly or monthly billing cycle.

Invoices can be automatically created either weekly or monthly. If invoices are generated weekly you can build a time and day-of-week range. All leads sold within this range will then be included in the invoice to be billed. In order for this invoice to bill clients correctly, the weekly billing time will need to be the same on or prior to the weekly generation time. If automated monthly billing is selected then the invoice will be generated the morning of the first day of the month.

invoice manager
The invoice that is produced will provide a broad overview of all transactions in the selected time frame. For instance, the client will be able to see the number of leads purchased or returned for the month, but not the individual lead data.


For a more detailed overview and video walkthrough of the invoice manager, click here.

Invoice Report

The invoice report provides a breakdown of all transactions in the system and will include selected lead data. The invoice report is different from the invoice manager as it cannot be set to automatically run, will only include data for one lead type at a time, and will provide information on individual leads. This report cannot be automatically emailed to the client. The data must be downloaded as either a CSV or PDF or the report can be run from the partner portal.

From your admin login, this report can be found under a specific client’s Invoicing/Billing tab by selecting the Invoicing Report tool.

Your partners can also view the Invoicing Report by selecting the Invoicing Report tab from their partner login. Your clients can use this report to look over all leads that have been purchased within the specified dates.

invoicing report
If you have any additional questions regarding invoicing or invoicing reports, please feel free to reach out to support.


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