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Lead Distribution by Price


Lead distribution by price allows you to sell every lead for its maximum value. This is done using the lead distribution technology called ping post. With ping post, partial lead information is pinged to your network of lead buyers. Based on the partial information provided, buyers determine if they want to purchase the lead and, if so, at what price. The buyers return a response with their bid. These bids are gathered, the lead is sold to the highest bidder(s), and the full lead information is posted to the buyer. When you distribute your leads based on price, the highest bidder will always receive the lead. This allows you to maximize your revenue on every lead you sell.

Lead Distribution by Price – How It Works

Lead Generation Use Case

Lead distribution by price can be utilized for leads that you generate and sell in real-time. When you generate a lead and it is sent into your boberdoo system, partial lead information is automatically pinged to your network of buyers. At this point, the standard ping post process described above continues and the highest paying buyer purchases the lead.

lead distribution by price lead generation use case boberdoo lead distribution

Lead Aggregation Use Case

You can also utilize lead distribution by price for leads that you purchase from a 3rd party vendor. In this scenario, your lead vendor pings into your boberdoo system. This ping is then blasted out to your network of lead buyers who return their bids. Before sending the bids back to your vendor, your system first carves out a profit margin (dollar amount or percentage) that you specify. Let’s say your highest paying buyer offers to purchase a home improvement lead for $20, but you have your margin set at $5. In this scenario, you will return the price of $15 to your vendor. If your vendor accepts, he/she posts the full lead details into your boberdoo system. This full lead is then routed and sold to your buyer in real-time for $20, leaving you with a $5 profit.

lead distribution by price aggregation use case boberdoo lead distribution

Lead Buying Use Case

Finally, you can also use lead distribution by price when simply purchasing ping post leads. In lead verticals like insurance that operate exclusively on a ping post basis, a dynamic bidding system is required to purchase leads. Lead distribution by price allows you to set up yourself as a buyer in your boberdoo system to either return a dynamic bid or even a static price for incoming pings.

Best Pricing Scenario

Lead distribution by price allows for additional ways to maximize your revenue on every lead. One example is best pricing scenario. This feature calculates the best price that a lead can sell for exclusively vs the best total price for the same lead sold non-exclusively.

For example, let’s say that Buyer A purchases leads exclusively and bids $20 on an incoming ping. Meanwhile, Buyers B and C each buy leads non-exclusively. Buyer B bids $12 and Buyer C bids $10. If sold exclusively to Buyer A, the lead would sell for $20. If sold non-exclusively, the lead would sell for $22. With best pricing scenario, the boberdoo system will perform this calculation in real-time and sell this lead non-exclusively to Buyers B and C for $22 because that is the best possible pricing scenario.

lead distribution best pricing scenario boberdoo

With the boberdoo lead distribution system, there are several logic options when it comes to distributing your leads. These options are available to every client and can even be customized to meet your specific needs. Visit our lead distribution logic page for more information on each of these features.

If you’d like to discuss the best lead distribution options for your business, please give us a call at 800-776-5646 or fill out the form below.

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