Among several Leads tab tools found within each boberdoo system, the lead log is the most useful when it comes to tracking the exact route each individual lead takes when entering and being distributed out of your system. While this can be used for standard web leads and calls, it is generally most useful for anyone buying and selling leads on a ping post basis. Below is a sample Lead Log, with redacted names and contact info. Let’s see how it works.

lead log example,
Starting from the bottom and working our way up, we can see how this ping went through the system. As you can see, the ping is sent from the boberdoo system to four buyers, who each see it and dynamically respond with a bid. Above these first four sections, the bids are compiled (“Bid results & best bid”). The bids shown are how much we will pay our vendor for the lead, before using our profit margin. In this case, the highest bidder is partner ID 9.


Partner #9’s bid is brought up to the next section, “Winner of the post.” Here, we take their bid, carve out our profit margin, and ultimately buy it from our vendor for $19.04 and arbitrage it for $24.80, a 30% profit margin. Thus, we have made $5.76 off of the lead, and at the very top we can see partner #9 walks away with the lead.

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We hope this is a helpful look at how our lead tracking works, and how to interpret it! If you have any other questions about our system, feel free to look at our extensive support section.