What is a lead? More specifically, what would a Mesothelioma lead be? A lead is a person who has requested to be contacted by a professional to speak about a need they have that they professional may be able to fill. The most common are mortgage leads. If you fill out an online application requesting a mortgage quote, most likely your information will be sold to one or many mortgage brokers who will pay $10 to $100 just for your information because they might have a chance of converting you into a sale that will net them $1500-$5000. This exact same marketing / business tool can be used in other industries such as lawyers looking for patients that may have cancer caused by asbestos (more specifically if they have Mesothelioma). Right now there are law firms paying up to $75 per click for Mesothelioma related keywords in certain search engines. For example, if you see any cancer or medical related ads above, and you click on them, the attorney paying for that ad will (or might) get charged $75 just for the chance that you are truly interested in seeing their website about Mesothelioma and moreover, for the chance that you might become a patient of theirs. If you are not interested in a Mesothelioma Lawyer, you SHOULD NOT CLICK these ads because you just wasted somebody’s money. 

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The average settlement for a Mesothelioma case is somewhere around $1 million dollars. Attorneys can get 40% of this and therefore they are quite willing to spend a bundle on online advertising to find these patients. Who knows how many of those clicks actually turn into patients for the attorney……1%, 5%, 10%. Heck, even a much smaller percentage would still be tolerable because of the payoff they can reap from the settlement. At some point lawyers will want to stop paying for clicks if the rates get too high and they will start wanting to pay for actual “leads”. These Mesothelioma leads would be very valuable because they would already be people who are interested in talking with an attorney about their illness, not just a random click. I would guess that a Mesothelioma lawsuit lead might fetch $400-500/lead. Think about this though, even if the lawyer only closes 1% of those leads, they are still making a huge amount of money. Time will only tell when the first Mesothelioma lead company pops up…….and if you are the one reading this, and you need a system to distribute these leads to your lawyers, contact us here at boberdoo.com.