5 Things Your Competitors Are Doing To Gain An Edge

Don’t Fall Behind Your Competitors

There’s no denying it. New lead generation companies are sprouting up every day as the industry continues to grow. While some might see this as a motivator to innovate or put out a better product, you might see things a bit differently. New companies mean new competition for your business and a more crowded environment for your customers. In order for you to stay ahead of your competitors, the first step is knowing what they are doing. This article isn’t meant to tell you exactly how to restructure your business, but it should give you a better idea about the trends in the industry. Your competitors are almost certainly doing many of these things and by first recognizing that, you can take the steps required to remain competitive, or even better, blow them out of the water.

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1. Call Routing

Call Routing is one of the most significant additions you can make to your lead generation business. Any web lead company that also generates and sells calls has an immediate advantage over its web lead-only competition. Many companies are even taking full advantage of their call routing technology by first verifying their leads and using live transfers to sell calls at a premium.

2. Ping Post

Many lead companies are adopting ping post technology to take advantage of dynamic pricing options and to adhere to the customer privacy trends that are sweeping through the industry. Companies that are transitioning now are already ahead of their competition and ready to take advantage of new opportunities that ping post presents.

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3. Lead Verification

Another big trend in lead generation that your competition is likely taking advantage of is lead verification. By verifying your incoming leads, (either manually or automatically) you can supply a much better product to your buyers and even sell each lead for more. Services like LeadQC allow you to automatically score each incoming lead and increase your overall lead quality and value.

4. Click2Call

Click2Call is another technology in the lead industry that is giving businesses an edge in customer acquisition. Click2Call allows your customers that are browsing the internet on their smartphone to click on your number and automatically dial your business. If you sell calls and are not utilizing Click2Call technology to market your numbers, your competitors may already have the edge.

5. Aged Leads

Although they are slowly being phased out of the industry, aged leads still carry a lot of weight for lead generation companies and could be the difference between you and your competitors. Selling aged leads either in bulk or on a one-off basis allows you to recycle your aged or unsold leads and also interest buyers who would otherwise never buy from you.

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