WordPress and Lead Generation: Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

Wordpress and lead generation

WordPress and lead generation go hand-in-hand

Lead generation companies are constantly testing new landing pages and web properties to maximize their marketing dollars.  WordPress is a free and open source tool to build websites.  One does not have to be Sherlock Holmes to be able to see the connection between WordPress and lead generation.  Lead generation companies can utilize WordPress to quickly produce quality landing pages to test and optimize their marketing efforts.

Who uses WordPress?

With 79,974,833 websites powered by WordPress (at the time of this post), the short answer is: everyone!  Because it is free and open source, there is a multitude of plugins and customization options available, making it the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.  Users post an average of 39 million times per month and read by over 400 million people.  WordPress is essentially the McDonalds of website builders, everyone has visited at least one.

Why WordPress is important for lead generation companies

The name of the game in online marketing is test, test, test.  Businesses love the ease-of-use of WordPress and lead generation companies can take advantage of  this benefit to quickly and cost-effectively produce landing pages and other web properties to drive more, higher-quality leads for their clients.  Whether you are building a completely custom site or utilizing one of the many templates available (why reinvent the wheel?  We recommend wrapbootstrap), WordPress offers lead generation companies the ideal way to easily test images, content, layout and design to optimize offers without devoting a lot of valuable resources.  Remember all those cool forms you just created with our new form builder?  WordPress is the perfect tool to get them online and start testing to see what works for your traffic.

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With WordPress plugins available for everything from SEO to GPS, a plugin for boberdoo.com clients to easily add their forms to their newly-created WordPress site seems like a good idea.  That is why we have also released the boberdoo.com WordPress plugin.  Clients can now virtually eliminate the need for in-house web design and development without sacrificing quality and time-to-market.  

There are many benefits to WordPress and lead generation companies that want to test new web properties, break into new verticals and maximize their revenue opportunities should take advantage of them to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing market. boberdoo.com produces lead distribution systems that allow you to track, manage, route and bill leads based on custom business rules you create.

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