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Understanding Bid Modifier And How To Implement It In Your boberdoo System

Bid Modifier is a new internal outside service within the boberdoo system designed to optimize bid management dynamically, catering to specific market or operational conditions without requiring multiple filter sets. This tool is a strategic addition for lead buyers and sellers, facilitating nuanced adjustments in their bid strategies.


Functionality of Bid Modifier

Customizable Bid Adjustments: Bid Modifier allows users to customize their bid calculations based on specific criteria derived from incoming pings. This flexibility means users can adjust bids for certain geolocations, source and sub-ID combinations, or time of day, enhancing their competitiveness and efficiency.

Targeted Use Cases: Bid Modifier allows you to pinpoint specific ping scenarios and strategically adjust your bid accordingly. Some use cases are, but not limited to:

  • Geolocation-Based Adjustment: A lead seller might reduce their margin to win more leads in hyper-competitive regions like California. This targeted adjustment ensures competitiveness without sacrificing potential revenue.
  • Performance-Based Adjustment: Adjustments can also be made based on the performance of specific sub-IDs, where less effective sub-IDs might warrant higher margins to compensate for lower performance.
  • Time-Based Adjustment: Adjust margins and prices during specific times-of-the-day or days-of-the-week. For example, taking more margin or bidding less during weekends.

Pricing and Availability: Bid Modifier is an optional service with a flat fee of $250 per month. However, boberdoo is currently waiving this fee until Q4 of 2024 to allow clients to test and integrate the feature seamlessly into their operations.

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Setup and Implementation

Integration: As part of boberdoo's outside services suite, setting up Bid Modifier requires submitting a support ticket to enable the feature. Once activated, it is accessible within the outside services tab, and users can make their desired adjustments.

Configuration Options:

  • Source Grouping: Users can adjust to all sources or specific grouped sources, tailoring the modifiers needed.
  • Adjustment Parameters: Choices on what to modify are flexible—the margin or the bid itself, depending on the user's role (user or seller) and strategic goals.

Practical Implications and Strategic Benefits

Bid Modifier enhances strategic flexibility and operational efficiency in real-time bidding environments. It allows for quick adjustments based on specific, real-time data, helping users optimize their bidding strategies and potentially increase their success rates in acquiring or selling leads. This tool not only simplifies the management of bids across different scenarios but also supports detailed customization that can lead to more effective and targeted lead management strategies.

Overall, Bid Modifier is a powerful tool for users looking to enhance their bidding strategies without the complexity of managing multiple filter sets, providing a competitive edge in dynamic market conditions.

Unsure if your modification is right? Utilize Bid Experiments and test your hypothesis first!