Waterfall Lead Distribution


Waterfall lead distribution is a specialized option used primarily in the Payday Loan vertical. With this process, your lead distribution system attempts to sell each lead at the highest price utilizing pricing tiers and criteria that are agreed to by your buyers. When a lead enters your lead system, it is posted to the highest-priced matching filter set. If the lead is not accepted, it is posted to the next highest-priced filter set. This process continues until you reach a pricing tier at which at least one buyer agrees to purchase the lead.

Waterfall Lead Distribution – How It Works

Payday Leads Use Case

Waterfall lead distribution is different than lead distribution by highest price because with payday leads, a payday loan database check is performed each time the lead is posted to a matching filter set. This database check provides a vital piece of information that helps payday lead buyers determine if, and at what price, they would like to purchase the lead. Because of this process and the initial, unknown variable associated with the lead, lead buyers organize multiple pricing tiers.

For example, let’s say that Buyer A has a $100 pricing tier as well as a $50 pricing tier. Buyer B has a $90 pricing tier and a $75 pricing tier. When a lead enters your system, Buyer A’s $100 filter set is attempted first. If rejected (based on the results of the payday loan database check), Buyer B’s $90 pricing tier is attempted. If rejected again, the lead continues down the waterfall and attempts Buyer B once again, but at her next highest tier: $75. This process continues until a buyer agrees to purchase a lead at the pricing tier attempted.

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Payday Leads (EPL Distribution Logic) Use Case

The logic explained above is the typical waterfall process for selling payday leads. However, boberdoo also offers an additional waterfall distribution option that takes advantage of an Earnings Per Lead calculation for each filter set for each lead buyer. Read about waterfall distribution by EPL here.

With the boberdoo lead distribution system, there are several logic options when it comes to distributing your leads. These options are available to every client and can even be customized to meet your specific needs. Visit our lead distribution logic page for more information on each of these features.

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