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Authorize.net CIM Definitions Guide


There is a difference between a base authorize.net account and authorize.net CIM. We cannot tell which kind you have unless you provide us with logins (which we do NOT recommend for security reasons). Authorize.net CIM is a $20 per month add-on service for your Authorize.net account that allows you to tokenize and store customer payment information on Authorize.net’s secure servers. With CIM, boberdoo can process the recurring charges on a time or trigger basis. CIM helps to process payments for returning customers with saved cards, as cards are saved securely on Authorize.net’s servers for reuse and your lead system simply uses a ‘token’ tied to that card to process payments.

If you’re using Authorize.net CIM as your merchant account in boberdoo, you will need to enable it and fill out some required information. Below are definitions for all of the settings you can find under Settings>Add Funds Settings>Authorize.net CIM.

Min. Amount ($): The minimum payment that can be processed through the Authorize.net payment gateway.

List Of Amounts ($): Instead of an open text box where the buyer can enter in any number, you can set a “list” of amounts that will appear in a dropdown option.

Payment Gateway: Must be set to LIVE for actual payments to work. TEST gateway may require different credentials. Please consult with Authorize.net for more details.

Merchant/API Login ID: This is a unique value that is found within your Authorize.net login. Once logged in, click on “ACCOUNT” at the top, then click on “API Credentials & Keys” in the middle of the page under the section “Security Settings”.

Merchant Transaction Key: This is a unique value that is found within your Authorize.net login. In the same section as above, but you will have some type of security question answered to generate a value.

Merchant Login ID 1
Merchant Transaction Key 1
Merchant Login ID 2
Merchant Transaction Key 2
Merchant Login ID 3
Merchant Transaction Key 3
Merchant Login ID 4
Merchant Transaction Key 4
Merchant Login ID 5
Merchant Transaction Key 5

These are all not required. If you have multiple Authorize.net CIM accounts, you can plug them in here.

Payment Description: This is the text that will appear on the Buyer’s Credit Card statement.

CIM Profile Default Description: When you add a new Credit Card to a Buyer’s account, that creates a “profile” in Authorize.net which includes:
1.  Customer ID (CC numbers/billing address,expiration date are all tied to this ID number)
2. Email
3. Description
This text box can be used to describe the list of Buyers you are creating.

The auto rebilling and recurring charges options can be found described in detail here.

Hide Country And Default to United States: If you allow users to have Credit Cards from other Countries, this will need to be set to “show”.

Bank Account: There is a setting that can be enabled within your Authorize.net account (please speak with your Authorize.net rep to get this setup) that allows you to accept Bank Transfers in addition to Credit Cards. If you have that setting enabled, set this to “show” and it will allow your buyers to enter in their bank information in addition to credit card.

Seal Customer ID: An optional ID value from your Authorize.net account that can be input. If set up, a verified merchant seal/badge will appear. If a Buyer clicks on your Verified Merchant Seal, a site verification window appears showing that you are an active Authorize.Net merchant.

SignUp Fee Description: An optional feature for performing a one time charge where the money does not get allocated to their account balance for purchasing leads. This description is what appears on their Credit Card statement

Add custom text for Add Funds page in Partner section or leave empty: The content will be placed above the input form of the Add Funds page. You can utilize HTML coding to make the page display in the style/formatting that you’d like.

If you have any questions please open up a ticket or a support chat.