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Lead Distribution With Weighted Logic


The majority of boberdoo users choose to distribute their leads either by Priority or by Best Price. While these distribution methods are tried and true, we have still run into several lead companies that require additional sophistication when it comes to determining the right buyer for every lead that they attempt to sell. Because of this, we developed a new distribution method called Weighted Logic that attempts to route leads to buyers of different commitments based on lead targets set for each buyer.

The idea for this distribution logic is that if you have buyers with widely different commitments it can be challenging to get them all consistent lead flow based on priority or price. With priority, you often find yourself setting blocks of leads at different priorities in an attempts to manipulate distribution. With price, it is what it is, the highest price gets the lead. Weighted logic addresses this problem by delivering the lead to whichever buyer has the lowest distribution percentage at that point in time, which smooths out your distribution while still following the same rules regarding matching filter sets.

Lead Distribution With Weighted Logic – How It Works

Varying Buyer Commitment Use Case

In this scenario, let’s image that one of your buyers (1st Choice Auto Insurance) has agreed to purchase 100 leads each month. Let’s also say, you have another buyer (All Star Insurance) that has agreed to purchase 1,000 leads each month. By utilizing weighted lead distribution logic, you can set monthly targets for 1st Choice Auto (100 leads) and All Star Insurance (1,000 leads) to ensure that they reach their designated lead totals at an appropriate and consistent rate.

Using our example, let’s say it is the first of the month, the first lead enters your boberdoo system and matches to All Star Insurance. All Star has now received one of their 1,000 lead target (0.1% distribution percentage). Then, a second lead enters the system and sees that All Star has a distribution percentage of 0.1%, but 1st Choice Auto Insurance has not received a lead (0.0% distribution percentage). Because of their lower monthly distribution percentage, 1st Choice Auto receives lead two, which fulfills one lead of their 100 lead target (1.0% distribution percentage).

With weighted logic, the next 10 leads that enter the system will all match to All Star Insurance because of its lower monthly distribution percentage in relation to 1st Choice Auto’s. However, once All Star receives 11 of their 1,000 lead target (1.1% distribution percentage), 1st Choice Auto (1.0% distribution percentage) will once again be weighted to receive the next lead. This pattern continues throughout the month and (assuming you have enough lead volume to satisfy each buyer’s target) ensures each buyer receives their monthly commitment.

lead distribution with weighted logic monthly use case

Weighted Logic – In Depth

Distributing your leads based on weighted logic gives you a more sophisticated way to deliver leads to buyers with varying commitments. Simply put, weighted logic allows you to automatically distribute leads to each filter set based on who is furthest from meeting their target. Before each lead is matched, your system ‘weighs’ the need of each filter set based on the monthly and/or daily targets that you set and awards the lead to the filter set with the lowest distribution percentage. When a lead enters your lead distribution system, all matching filter sets are gathered and the monthly distribution percentage calculation is performed. This calculation compares the amount of leads received by each filter set for the current month vs each filter set’s monthly target, giving each filter set a distribution percentage.

(10 leads received/100 lead target) = 10% monthly distribution percentage  

All matching filter sets are then sorted with the lowest monthly distribution percentage sitting at the top priority.

This same logic carries through if you choose not to use a monthly target for any filter sets and only use the daily target. However, if you use both a monthly target and a daily target, the daily target will only be considered once all filter set’s monthly targets are reached. The daily target and corresponding daily distribution percentage is then used to prioritize all filter sets until the daily target for each filter set is reached. For a full explanation of the Weighted Logic filter set prioritization structure, check out the Weighted Logic Priority Tree.

With the boberdoo lead distribution system, you have several lead distribution logic options. These options are available to every client and can even be customized to meet your specific needs. Visit our lead distribution logic page for more information on each of these options.

If you’d like to discuss the best lead distribution options for your business, please give us a call at 800-776-5646 or fill out the form below.

*Weighted logic distribution is not compatible with Inbound Phone Routing at this time.

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