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One of the great advantages of the lead generation industry is that you can operate in any lead vertical you’d like. Sure, in some verticals you’ll have an easier time finding lead buyers or sellers and in others you can expect a much higher revenue per lead, but the choice is completely up to you. Furthermore, lead generation techniques that work well in one vertical can easily carry over to other verticals as well. Simply put, in the lead industry you are free to grow your lead business in any direction you desire.


If you are generating high quality leads and consistently selling to a diverse network of buyers, you can be successful in any lead vertical. We’ve seen businesses operate successfully in lead verticals as obscure as pet setting and private jet rentals. However, the bulk of the lead industry is concentrated in just a handful of lead verticals. While many of these verticals operate in a very similar fashion (insurance verticals), others require completely separate technologies to operate within (payday).

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The Most Popular Lead Verticals

In order to help lead companies better understand the most common lead verticals in the industry, we have put together complete guides for the verticals that most lead generation companies find most success with. If you’re considering adding a new vertical to your lead portfolio, this is the best place to start.

boberdoo Lead Verticals

If you’re looking to expand your lead business, it’s important to utilize a lead distribution system that can easily incorporate as many new verticals as you need. The boberdoo lead distribution system allows you to operate in as many lead verticals as you’d like. We build each of your lead types to your specification, allowing you to customize exactly which fields you require, capture and filter on. If you’re a boberdoo client interested in expanding into a new vertical, open a support ticket to get started. We can even refer you to other lead companies operating in the vertical you’re exploring. If you’re not a boberdoo client, get a demo today to see exactly why so many lead companies are growing their business with us.

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