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Payday Lead Setup


As you know, payday leads are bought and sold on a tiered (waterfall) pricing structure. Lead sellers attempt to sell each lead for the highest possible price. If no buyers accept the lead at the initial price, the seller attempts to sell the same lead to the same buyers at the next highest tier and so on. To set this up, follow the payday lead setup instructions below.

Step 1: Partner/Buyer Account Setup

When selling Payday Leads from your boberdoo system, you must create a separate partner/buyer account for each tier. So if Buyer A operates with tiers of $75, $50 and $25, you would need 3 separate partner/buyer accounts for Buyer A with a unique filter set for each. When creating these filter sets, enter the tier value in the “Lead Price” field.

payday lead setup

Step 2: Assign Delivery

Within each filter set, you also need to set up and assign a unique custom delivery. Each tier needs its own custom delivery which can either be created by you in our Custom Delivery Wizard or submitted to us as custom work. These deliveries need to be set up to parse a redirect URL from the response. Please make sure that the correct delivery method is assigned in the lead filter set.  No payday buyers will ever have a regular email delivery.

Step 3: Set Priorities

Finally, you must set the “Match Priority” for each filter set. This setting tells the system which order to attempt to sell the leads in. Leads that enter into the system will always attempt to the highest priority first, and then work their way down the order. All filter sets that are set to the same priority will go into a round robin meaning that whichever filter set that has gone the longest time without the system attempting to sell to it, will be given the first chance to buy the next.

payday lead setup


Buying Payday Leads

When buying 3rd party leads, you must set up your own lead buying tiers in your Source Settings. To do this, build a separate Source (SRC) for each of your tiers. Enter the amount that you are paying into the “Lead Cost” field. You also want to make sure that your Ping and Post timeouts allow enough time for the lead to run through each tier. The standard timeout for the Ping is 60 seconds and 300 seconds for the Post. 

payday lead setup

If you are still having problems setting up your payday leads, please open a support ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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