How To Set Up Your SMTP With boberdoo

Set Up With SendGrid

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Set Up With SendInBlue

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Set Up With Gmail

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Do you use GoDaddy's SMTP in boberdoo?

Q: I see an error in Email logs and use GoDaddy's SMTP in my system. What is happening?
A: boberdoo connects to GoDaddy's email server using their supplied SMTP email connection information. boberdoo passes the email to their server, and GoDaddy sends the email. When companies utilize GoDaddy's email service, some companies may receive a blocking error stating a sending limit has been exceeded.

System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: User _____ has exceeded its 24-hour sending limit. Messages to x recipients out of x allowed have been sent. The relay quota will reset in x.x hours.
Unfortunately, this limitation is not something boberdoo can work around or resolve. This is a limitation put into place by GoDaddy. There is some previous documentation of other GoDaddy email users having similar experiences with email limitations.
Here are some recommendations for resolving these types of limitations:
1. Contact GoDaddy Support. Please convey that your company uses SMTP to connect your boberdoo system to GoDaddy's email service.
2. Consider a different email provider. Unfortunately, many of our customers have not succeeded in GoDaddy's Support Team resolving this issue. Our recommendation is to consider SendGrid. We have many customers utilizing this for their SMTP for business email services.

Why setting up your SMTP is important.

Setting up your SMTP in your boberdoo system with Gmail, SendInBlue or SendGrid allows you to send emails out, which is important for many reasons.

  • Improved Deliverability

The delivery rate for emails that go through boberdoo have an improved delivery rate, as well as having a backup plan if the emails fail. If an email fails, your SMTP will respond with an error so that you can always handle any situation before it evolves into a problem.

  • Research Specific Emails Sent

When sending emails through boberdoo, all the emails are saved

  • Avoid Client Disputes