Generate Smart Reports | Background vs UI "Reports"

"Reports" that are generated in the UI instead of the background is something that is commonly seen but should be more rare. This is because those "Reports" are actually queries in disguise! 

Reports or Queries?

"Well, what is the difference between a report and a query?" you may ask. For one, reports are run in the background and queries are run in the UI. If you find yourself using the Leads tab to run a "report," it is actually a query. Are you troubled with slow loads on your Leads page when trying to download a list? Try the Reports tab to get the info quickly!

reports page

Why Are Reports Better?

Have you ever tried running a query and ended up with a 504 error? This is because running queries in the UI allows for timeouts. Every 2 minutes the lead system refreshes which causes the timeout. For small queries this is okay, but with bigger data sets, you will run into a problem. As mentioned previously, reports run in the background. This means that a report can run for hours and hours and not time out like queries do. Reports are more efficient, flexible and save you time and headaches. 

The Best Way To Run Reports

The Reports tab can look a bit confusing at first. The smart way to generate a report would be to select which report you want to use, then select Vendor and finally, Time Period. Timed reports are a major help for many reasons. These reports let you select what data you would like sent to you on a recurring basis. Timed reports are a great way to stay on top of what is going on in your lead system and have so many different use cases that help. If there is a specific use for reports or timed reports that you would like but are not seeing, ask for a custom report and we’ll set one up for you!

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