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5 Reasons To Avoid Lead Gen Software

Lead generation software sounds like a great idea. You buy the software and sit back as it automatically gathers leads for you to either use for yourself or turn around and sell to interested buyers. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but it isn't that easy. Typically lead gen software consists of some sort of internet crawling mechanism that gathers contact information. If that alone isn't enough to turn you away, consider the following 5 reasons to avoid lead generation software.

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Untargeted Leads

Lead gen software may be able to put together a list of contacts that are vaguely associated with your vertical of choice. However, one of the key areas where this software falls short is targeting. Lead gen software might be able to provide you the email address and phone number of Aaron from Wisconsin in association with a mortgage quote, but what other information does it provide? Do you know the loan amount Aaron is seeking? How about his credit status or desired down payment? In the lead generation industry, contact information is not enough. The additional lead information is what provides real value and entices lead buyers.

Uninterested “Leads”

The second you start “crawling” for contact information is the second you take a lead’s interest out of the equation. And a lead that is not showing direct interest in a product or service really isn’t a lead at all. If you’re looking for high value, high converting leads, lead gen software is not the solution.

Marketing Consequences

With lead gen software that is automatically curating leads, you can capture contact information without an individual filling out a form or calling in. That’s great right? Wrong. Without action taken by the individual, no consent to contact is given or implied in any capacity. Every time you or your lead buyers attempt to reach out to these leads, you are putting yourself at risk of violating the TCPA, CAN-SPAM, and a number of other consumer protection laws. Play with fire at your own risk.

Finite Supply of Leads

Lead gen software that is designed to crawl the web for contact information may churn out large amounts of contact information at first. But what happens when all of this old data has already been crawled? Are there enough new leads that can be found on a daily basis to keep your lead flow stead? Probably not. The only way to truly build a consistent lead flow is by generating your own leads or continually purchasing leads from a high quality vendor.

It Sounds Too Good To Be True

Then it probably is. If generating leads was as easy as buying lead gen software, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

The truth is, leaning on automatic lead gen software will only hurt your business in the long run. It will turn you into a low quality lead supplier with a dwindling supply, which will hurt your reputation even if you decide to generate leads the ‘right way’ down the road.

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