Customized Time Zones For International Lead Generation Companies

boberdoo is now available to any international lead company and can be synced with customized time zones for increased ease-of-use with reports, billing and overall lead management. You can now take full advantage of the cutting-edge developments utilized by US lead companies without being forced to conform your business to US time zones.

Customized Time Zones -

What do customized time zones mean for your overseas business?

As many international lead generation companies know, adjusting to a US server time can present problems ranging from mundane, daily tasks to imperative business decisions and client relationship management. boberdoo’s new customized time zones remove the need for you to adapt to our server time and allow you to run your business using your local time zone.

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How does this change improve the boberdoo system?

When it comes to managing your lead flow and monitoring your business, a large time difference can make daily operations difficult.  You have to continually make mental adjustments whether looking at lead flow or setting up a lead buyer’s delivery schedule. Here a just a few areas that are improved with customized time zones:

  • Lead caps – Setting daily, weekly or monthly lead caps is an essential part of your lead flow management. By masking the server time, international clients have been unable to properly set accurate caps based on their local time zone. Customized time zones allow these companies to set lead caps on the 24 hour cycle that matches their (or their clients’) work day/week/month.
  • Reports – As you know, the main benefit of running reports is to get an accurate representation of your lead activity. With a server time that matches your business, you can run reports on demand and keep a better eye on your business’s activity.
  • Invoicing and billing – As one of your most important back-office tasks, invoicing and billing for international companies is now easier than ever. By tracking transactions in a customized time zone, you can run your billing cycle on your time.  Automated re-billing and invoicing can also be more accurately set up as well.

At, we continue to improve our system in ways that benefit international lead companies. Not only that, but our improvements also help our current US clients by allowing them to better connect and do business with the international market. If you would like learn more about our new international features, please call us at 800-776-5646 or click the red Contact Us tab. If you are a current international client and would like a customized time zone, let us know and we’ll get your update scheduled as soon as possible.

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