Don't Let Lead Verification Ruin Your Labor Day Weekend

The Solution Is Automated Lead Verification

Labor Day is for barbecues. It’s for one more weekend trip. It’s for having a good time with family and friends and accidentally getting one last sunburn before the leaves start falling. If you’re following along, you understand that labor day is not meant to be spent in an office on the phone, verifying leads. Now if you own a lead company that depends on verified leads, we’ve got a problem. No working means no lead verification. No verification means no sales. No sales means...well you get it. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. Those leads aren’t going to verify themselves, but luckily for you, there is a win-win solution that will allow you and your employees to enjoy Labor Day weekend and still sell all the high-quality, verified leads that you can handle. Enter leadQC.

lead verification

What is leadQC?

leadQC is our automated lead verification system that runs over 30 data quality checks against a number of lead sources to verify the lead’s information. leadQC then returns a score and either accepts or rejects the lead. If it accepts the lead, it is matched and sold to one of your available buyers. If the lead is rejected, it is held for manual review where you can see why it failed and either accept and reprocess or decline the lead yourself. For more information on our lead verification system, visit our leadQC page.

So do yourself and your employees a favor. Use leadQC to verify your leads, get out of the office and enjoy your Labor Day weekend. We know we will!

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