Kickoff to Home Improvement Lead Generation Season

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With summer comes home improvement lead generation

Memorial Day weekend came and went and another spring is (unofficially) in the books. Finally, the polar vortex seems like its gone for good (at least we hope) and we can focus on all the finer things in life that do not include shoveling or wearing boots, gloves, and a jacket to get the mail. Summer brings us warm days, cool pools and, yes you guessed it, an influx in home improvement leads that are eager to travel through your lead distribution system. Home improvement projects are already in full swing so now, with the kickoff of summer, we would also like to announce the kickoff to the home improvement lead generation season.

Whether its roofing, remodeling, or anything in between, now is the best time to focus on home improvement lead generation. Many parts of the country are just now experiencing weather that allows for extensive work on their homes and, conveniently, that's where you come in. Take a hard look at your home improvement vertical and let's make this your most successful summer in home improvement lead generation ever.

Home Improvement Lead Generation

How can I enhance my home improvement lead generation?

Looking to spice up your home improvement marketing efforts this summer? No problem. If you use a landing page with an online form, a simple tweak of your form's text or design may be the right solution to increase your traffic and submission rate. Do you utilize inbound calls for your home improvement vertical? If not, consider routing calls to contractors. This not only allows for another lead submission funnel, but it also gives you the opportunity to provide an emergency service number. If you're looking to obtain more volume, consider working with ping post lead sellers on a dynamic basis. Or if you have more supply than demand, try working with aggregators on a dynamic basis.

Request A Demo's lead distribution software can help you with all of these solutions. Our system offers a free, user-friendly form builder that can tweak or completely change your form in an instant. The boberdoo system also comes equipped with call routing capabilities. Furthermore, our filter sets allow you to identify specific times of the day or days of the week and charge a premium for emergency service calls. If you would like more information on our lead distribution software, feel free to contact us. Good luck this summer!

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