Should Lead Generation Companies Attend Affiliate Summit?

5 Affiliate Summit Impressions from a Lead Distribution Software Provider

We have never attended an Affiliate Summit prior to Affiliate Summit West 2014 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.  Sure, has been a fixture at LeadsCon for many years, but LeadsCon offers a unique concentration of companies in the business of buying and/or selling leads.  While there is certainly a lot of overlap between affiliate marketing and lead generation, affiliate marketing includes e-commerce purchasing which is not an area that companies in lead generation pay attention to.  We decided to attend Affiliate Summit this year to evaluate the conference for exhibiting in the future and also to provide some feedback for our clients and other lead generation companies that have never made the trip to an Affiliate Summit.  Below are 5 things that learned at Affiliate Summit West 2014 as it relates to the lead generation industry. at Affiliate Summit

1. Affiliate Summit is a good opportunity to find traffic.

From the many affiliate networks promoting their traffic to the multitude of publishers roaming the exhibit hall in search of their next offer to run, the Affiliate Summit was swarming with potential traffic sources for a savvy lead generation company.  Affiliate networks would allow you to gain access to a large volume of leads while dealing directly with some publishers can reduce your lead costs and increase your profit margin.  Whether you are looking for more volume or more profit, Affiliate Summit is a good place to start looking.

2. Meet Market is a must.

The Meet Market is an extended session of Affiliate Summit and designed to allow promote deals between advertisers, networks and publishers.  I spoke with many attendees whose plan was to attend only the Meet Market.  There were additional companies promoting new products and offers that did not exhibit in the main hall and the Meet Market offered the opportunity to mingle with other attendees and explore opportunities for companies to work together.

3. Nutra- and Cosme-ceuticals offer good cross opportunity potential.

I will be honest, I had never heard these terms before attending Affiliate Summit.  But the diet and health & beauty markets held a strong presence at the show and may present a good opportunity for cross marketing for lead generation companies in specific verticals.  Many of these companies offered private labeling of the products, which would allow a lead generation company to leverage their brand equity from a recent lead submission and gain incremental revenue through a followup email or autoresponder.

4. There are a lot of affiliate networks – find a good affiliate manager.

While this should come as no surprise to you, affiliate networks were well-represented at Affiliate Summit.  While each network tries to differentiate itself from the rest, every network offers “top payouts,” “on-time payments” and “exclusive offers” so how does a lead generation company go about choosing a network.  Of course each company is unique but a good affiliate manager can make or break the relationship.  Affiliate Summit offers the opportunity for you to meet with the managers of the networks and get a true sense of their capabilities and ability to meet your needs.

5. Hulk Hogan is still awesome…BROTHER!

Celebrity endorsements continue to work.  The iconic Hulk Hogan was in attendance at Affiliate Summit and there was a perpetual long line to snap a picture with him.  After 30 years in the business, the guy can still draw a crowd.

Affiliate Summit offers lead generation companies an opportunity to expand their product offering, gain access to new traffic sources and add value for their lead-buying clients.  We recommend Affiliate Summit as a quality conference for lead generation companies that are looking to grow their business.

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