What We Learned at LeadsCon 2014

LeadsCon 2014
Well, we learned I cannot roll a hard ten to save my life for one.  LeadsCon 2014 is a unique opportunity to meet with existing clients and prospects, explore new business opportunities and learn about the latest issues facing the lead generation industry.  We at boberdoo.com are grateful for the opportunity to meet many of our clients that we typically only communicate via phone or email, as well as learn more about their needs and the needs of the lead generation industry as a whole.  For those of you that could not make the show, check out what you missed and we look forward to meeting you next year.

Top 5 things learned from LeadsCon 2014

        1. TCPA/compliance. There is no doubt that the trend in the lead industry is for more rules and regulations.  Consent is becoming more narrowly defined and lead companies have to provide some value to the consumer in order to succeed over the long term.  While technology can help provide support and evidence of compliance, it is ultimately up to those marketing to consumers to “Do what you say and say what you do.”  Maria Vathis, an attorney with the firm Bryan Cave, also spoke at LeadsCon 2014 about TCPA and the role it plays in lead generation.  The cliff notes version is there are few specific rules so be on your best behavior.
        2. Calls, calls and more calls. We discussed inbound calls and live transfers with more attendees this year than ever before.  Part of the reason is the additional risk TCPA and other governmental regulations place on traditional web leads makes alternatives more attractive but I think it is also due to the increased contact rate and premium calls command in the marketplace as well.  With technology, like boberdoo.com’s call routing, giving lead generators the ability to route calls with the same business rules as web leads and the increased focus on establishing a consumer’s consent, we see this trend continuing to increase.  If you do not currently offer calls in your lead portfolio, now is the time to consider it.
        3. Sophisticated buyers.  This year provided us with an opportunity to talk with more lead buyers than in previous years.  One thing we learned is that more lead buyers are utilizing technology like ping post to better define the qualifications, and price points, for the leads they purchase.  boberdoo clients can take this opportunity to explore more sophisticated routing options within their system.
        4. International markets. As much as we hate to admit it as Americans, there are untapped opportunities in the international markets.  We saw many companies from around the globe come to LeadsCon 2014 to learn from those that operate efficiently in a competitive market so they can apply those practices back home.  Why?  Because the international lead generation market is less sophisticated, subject to less governmental scrutiny and provides an opportunity for new revenue streams.  In the age of globalization, what is stopping you from breaking into the international marketplace?
        5. Luck be a lady (that hates me). Just like the guy in The Bronx Tale, call me mush.  I learned that games of chances are not my thing, and the only place I can win in Las Vegas is at the buffet table.

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boberdoo.com has been a long-time fixture and LeadsCon 2014 was no exception.  We are always available to discuss custom solutions to the problems facing our existing clients.  If you did not get a chance to stop by our table but are interested in exploring how we can improve your lead generation business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

boberdoo.com produces lead distribution systems that allow you to track, manage, route and bill leads based on custom business rules you create.

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