Lead Generation Ideas & Tips

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Many companies brainstorm ideas on how to generate more leads quickly. Lead generation is very important in all marketing segments. New leads mean new orders, new visitors, new subscriptions, and in most cases, more profit for the company.

Here are a few lead generation ideas and tips for your website:

  • Connect with other websites that are related to your niche but not with competitors’ websites. -Link-exchange or affiliate programs can increase your leads.
  • Make sure to do the best search engine optimization possible:
    • Create social media buttons for your pages or blogs
    • Create your corporate references,
    • Create your own tutorials, videos webinars or articles and make sure to connect them with your social media profiles. The numbers of shares and subscriptions generate a lot of visits to your website.
    • Have a mailing form on each page and create subscription links for your newsletter. This is a great way to acquire new leads.
    • Do not forget to place contact information or live chat on pages, interaction with visitors is great for page credibility.
    • Try to focus on catchy page titles
    • Do not forget to have a “thank you page” in ordering process or for new subscribers.
  • Share some free goods with your visitors – e books, tutorials etc. This greatly helps measuring conversion rates of your website and downloads will increase your CTA (calls to action).
  • Online advertising such as Adwords and Bing is a really powerful methods for generating leads for your business.
  • Lead generation software is where you can manage your leads and selling or buying new leads very effectively and easily.
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These are a few of potential tips and ideas for your lead generation but there are many others that could benefit your lead generation company.   boberdoo.com produces lead distribution systems that allow you to track, manage, route and bill leads based on custom business rules you determine.  Contact us today for a live demo to see how boberdoo can help your business.  There are enough things to worry about in lead generation, your distribution system should not be one of them.

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