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boberdoo's New Marketing Software

Since 2001, boberdoo has led the way in providing lead distribution software for companies that sell leads in real-time. Until now, boberdoo’s focus has relied on the back-end operations that not only save lead generation companies time, but also allow them to maximize their revenue on every lead. 

marketing software by boberdoo.com

boberdoo Marketing Software

Our outbound marketing software is built to send drip campaigns via email and push notifications. While still in its final development stages, our marketing system is poised to provide our clients with many new ways to monetize their current and future leads as well as help automate their existing business practices. With our marketing software, you will be able to:

  • Automatically and dynamically trigger campaigns for leads that meet specified criteria
  • Upload a list of contacts to send marketing campaigns
  • Send time-based and trigger-based drip campaigns
  • Send cross offer campaigns, affiliate offers and more
  • Send and throttle emails between multiple 3rd party ESPs
  • Build and A/B test email creatives
  • And much more...

Our marketing software, built right into the boberdoo system has the ability to directly and dramatically increase your revenue for each lead and we are excited to see how our clients utilize this feature to help grow their businesses. As we finish the development of this feature, we want to get a feel for your interest in our marketing software. If you would like to stay updated on any news and eventual release date, please click the red Contact Us tab and fill out the form. We’d love to keep you in the loop.

boberdoo is a leading provider of lead distribution software for traditional lead generation companies, media companies, advanced publishers and more. Since 2001 we have been building the back-end software that helps companies run their day-to-day operation and are proud to add another substantial feature to our offering.

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