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Hack Your Affiliate Traffic With This Thank You Page Trick

About the title, we just couldn't resist! But don't worry, this post explains an awesome technique that will revolutionize how you handle all leads you buy from affiliates or any 3rd party lead generator. However, if you're looking for a technique to con your affiliates, this isn't the right place. This technique works in conjunction with your affiliate's process as a mutually beneficial relationship.

Trust me, you've got to try this.

thank you page trick boberdoo.com

If you buy leads from affiliate marketers, this is generally how it goes:

  1. The affiliate generates the lead via his/her landing page.
  2. The affiliate posts the lead into your CRM or LMS
  3. The lead is redirected from the affiliate's landing page to the affiliate's thank you page

This process isn’t bad. The affiliate uses his/her online properties to generate the lead and can also use the thank you page to confirm the lead submission and even present additional offers to the converted lead. The lead buyer pays for the lead and either services the lead or sells it again in real-time.

However, this process isn’t perfect, especially from the lead buyer’s perspective. If only there was a way to give the lead buyer more control or additional contact with the lead after the lead converts.

Well what do you know, there is!

Using Your Thank You Page For Affiliate Traffic

That’s right, there is a way to redirect a converting lead from the affiliate’s landing page to your thank you page upon lead submission. Again, this is by no means a way to con your affiliate into unknowingly using your thank you page. Instead this is something you can discuss with your affiliates to easily implement.

With the current process, as explained above, your affiliate is already posting the lead into your CRM or LMS. Because of this, your CRM or LMS is already providing a response. In this response (with the right technology) you can supply your affiliate with a redirect URL that they can capture and use to redirect the converted lead to your thank you page.

thank you page trick boberdoo.com

How Can You Take Advantage?

Branding/Buyer Information: By using your thank you page for leads that your affiliates generate, you can build an association between the lead and the business that is servicing the lead. If you service the lead yourself, you can get your brand in front of the lead before you make contact. If you sell your leads to one or more buyers, you can use magic strings to auto-populate your thank you page with the information of each partner that bought the lead.

Cross Offer Opportunities: Thank you pages also give you the ability to remarket to the converted lead. If your affiliate generates a new car quote lead, sells it to you and redirects the lead to your thank you page, you can cater your page to additional services the lead may be interested in. In this case, you can offer car insurance or auto warranty quotes and potentially generate an additional lead for a different vertical at no cost to you.

Newsletter Sign Ups: Your thank you page is also a great way to build a newsletter list. Simply offer your newsletter sign up and start building industry-specific email lists that you can provide additional services to down the road.

Push Notification Opt Ins: You can also use your thank you page to generate push notification opt-ins. Not familiar with browser push notifications? In short, they are internet browser notifications that can be pushed to your subscribers at any time. They are the next big thing in online marketing, so don’t be afraid to test them out!

There are dozens of other ways to take advantage of your thank you page, but you can’t use a single one if you don’t have your affiliates redirect their converted leads to your page. Oftentimes all it takes is a simple ask of your affiliates to easily get this set up.

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