Top Lead Verticals for Ping Post

Everyone runs their business a little differently. We're not one to tell anyone that what they're doing is right or wrong... but we can say that, if you're in one of these top lead verticals, and you're not using ping post... well, there's room for improvement. Read on to find out the top lead verticals for ping post:



4 Top Lead Verticals For 2016 and Beyond


The original ping post vertical, insurance is by far our largest lead type, and not even just for ping post. Each type of insurance uses ping post differently. Health insurance may get an initial ping with health history, while home insurance is much more concerned with the value of the property, past homeowning experience, and more. Auto at least needs to know the type of car before starting an insurance process. No matter what info is being sent, though, ping post makes the judgment of the lead quick and easy, which allows millions of pings to flow through our system a day.

Home Improvement

Contractors love to use ping post when working with home improvement leads. In a vertical as competitive as home improvement contracting, speed is important. Luckily, the ping post process often takes less than a second to complete, and even in emergencies, contractors can be in touch with their customers in no time at all.


Some ping post users don’t even bother with any particular lead vertical. In the market of aggregation, buy low and sell high is the name of the game, and the quicker the lead can move on, the more valuable it is. Because of this, a high-speed, automated system like ping post works perfectly.

Soon: Mortgage

Mortgage was the original focus of boberdoo when we started in 2001, and to this day we still work with dozens of mortgage clients and thousands of mortgage leads. Mortgage has not been a traditional ping post vertical, but more and more mortgage lead vendors are picking up on the advantages that ping post provide: dynamic pricing, information security, and higher match rates.
We are the experts in ping post and work with over 10 million pings per day. If you’re considering using ping post for your lead distribution business, even if you’re not in one of these top lead verticals, we would love to help you get started. Click the banner above to download our whitepaper The Basics of Ping Post, or give us a call at 800-776-5646 and we can discuss your lead needs.

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