Default GDPR Security Settings


While the boberdoo lead distribution system contains an entire suite of lead data security and retention options, the following are default settings applied to all lead types that are used to generate leads in the EU or UK.


Default Settings

Real-Time PII Field Cleanup

All personally identifiable information is cleaned in real-time. This includes Name, Email, Phone, Address, IP Address, Drivers License and others depending on lead type.

Real-Time Sensitive Field Cleanup

All sensitive fields are cleaned in real-time. This includes Social Security Number, bank account number, health-related fields and others depending on lead type.

Existing PII & Sensitive Field Cleanup

All existing PII and sensitive data is cleared from your system. The lead ID and remaining data is still stored in your system, but the PII and sensitive fields are deleted.

Real-Time Email & Phone Hashing

All email and phone fields are hashed before being cleaned in real-time. This allows you to search for leads via email and phone and continue using email and phone as dedupe fields.

Secure Lead Deliveries Only

No standard email or non-SSL lead deliveries are allowed. If currently in-use, these deliveries will fail upon attempt. Only PDF emails with passwords and secure custom deliveries are allowed.

Whole Lead Deletion After 365 Days

All remaining lead data is deleted from your system after 365 days. This includes hashed email and phone fields which, after deletion, can no longer be searched or used for deduping.

No EU Call Recordings Or OA Usage

Calls from EU phone numbers no longer record.

Email & Phone Suppression Encryption

Suppression files may be disabled entirely for GDPR lead types. If allowed, email & phone suppression lists must be encrypted.

24 Hour Manual Review PII Field Cleanup

Leads held in manual review will retain their PII fields for 24 hours to allow for manual approval. After 24 hours, PII fields are cleaned and the lead cannot be processed.

Optional Features

Real-Time Secure Data Export

Export each lead in real-time before PII and sensitive field cleaning. Alternatively, you can use a delay to export leads after field cleaning.

Historic Bulk Data Export

Bulk export all existing data in your system. This can be done before the mandatory PII and sensitive field cleanup or after the cleanup is complete.

Contact Search And Cleaning Tool

Search for contacts via email or phone to provide customers their information, update fields or clean data upon request.

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