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How the Pros Treat their Ping Tree Leads

Ping tree leads have feelings, too! Or at least, their buyers and sellers do. And while you don't have to buy them dinner, you should at least treat their leads well. In order to ensure your best buying and selling experiences, and to keep companies working closely with you, try these pro tips to bump up your lead quality:

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Score your Leads

One way that veteran ping tree users up their game is by using lead scoring systems. Lead scoring checks your ping tree leads against dozens of different quality checking metrics, like seeing if the name of the lead appears in a country’s census, whether the provided phone number is legitimate, and more. Every part of the form is given a score, and if the score passes a threshold that you set, the lead is routed. If the lead fails the check, it goes into manual review. (These are all features that boberdoo includes in its leadQC plug-in.) This way you’re not dealing with buying bad leads, and you don’t have to hurt your reputation when you accidentally sell bad leads.

Run a DeDupe Checker

Nobody wants to buy leads they don’t need. If you’re buying up leads and finding out you already have them, maybe you should try running a duplicate checker. It’s pretty simple - if the same name, phone number, e-mail, or any other given information is identical to a lead received in the last few days, the lead is put in manual review. This can work on a system level and/or a buyer level. A duplicate checker also checks before you send that lead out to a partner, so that they don’t buy repeat information. This keeps you from having to give lead refunds later, and allows you to sell that lead to a different partner who needs it more. Win win!

Schedule Your Lead Timing

It’s a statistic I’m sure we all hear a lot: The odds of contacting a lead in thirty minutes versus five minutes drops by a magnitude of 100. If you’re sending leads to your partners at two in the morning, when nobody is around, the odds of that contact happening are pretty poor. Not to mention the chances of that lead getting lost in the system, buried under countless other leads since then! Scheduling ping tree leads means that they can get to your partner when they’re around to act, and they will be happier with the results.

Set Limits

Every partner is different. The newly-blossoming business with two sales reps can’t handle the lead volume that the major companies can. Instead of trying to force all of your leads into their hands, make sure you limit how many ping tree leads your partners take on at a time. Giving them just what they can handle is just good business, and will keep your partner's stress-free and looking for more.

Block Bad Lead Generators and Bad Lead Buyers

Refunds are just a part of life when you’re dealing with ping tree leads, but they can be minimized. Anyone worth their salt that’s working with ping tree leads will be keeping a close eye on their vendors and partners. If you’re consistently getting bad leads, or consistently getting asked for refunds, using advanced lead tracking can help you get to the root of the problem. Once you find the troublemaker, you don’t have to cut them off completely. Systems like boberdoo are customizable enough to charge on a per-vendor or per-partner basis, so you can adjust pricing however you want. Cut deals for the businesses you trust, and penalize the businesses that aren’t providing good leads with higher prices!

Request A Demo

With these in mind, your lead quality will shoot through the roof! And if you need help getting these systems set up, try boberdoo. We’ve been building lead distribution software since 2001 and would be happy to show how all of these features work in our system. Just give us a call at 800-776-5646, or click the banner above!

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