How To Set SMS Deliveries

Some users prefer to receive SMS, also known as text messages, rather than emails or other means of getting information. Well, have no fear; boberdoo has SMS as a delivery option you can set up!

When you add a new filter set for any lead type, you can add SMS messaging as a delivery method. Now, when you are casually creating a new filter set (found in the Partners tab) and see the Lead Delivery Setup, you look for SMS and low and behold, there’s nothing there! Fret not, for SMS is only available as an extra delivery option. So click the + icon to grab one. This is because our software has messaging, but it is not a messaging software. We want at least 1 more method of delivery to ensure the message was delivered. Since SMS is a secondary delivery option, if the primary delivery fails (usually email), the secondary SMS will not be sent.

A few more comments about SMS messaging...First, make sure you are not using dashes or 1's in front of the phone number. Also, if you need it to say something specific for delivery or about anything actually, we can customize it! Just submit a ticket to get in touch with our support team.

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